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  1. christy22


    Zumba is a exercise program created by Colombian native Beto Perez. It's music with Latin rhythms with dance steps. Such as cumbia, salsa, samba and merengue.It's a total body workout. You can get the DVD's. They teach you the steps in the basic program. Then there are other programs you can do once you know the steps. I love it! It's motivating!
  2. christy22


    Hello everyone, Has anyone tried Zumba!
  3. christy22


    Is every ten pound lost is a change in dress sizes?
  4. Hello eveyone, I was wondering about clothing sizes. Is every ten pounds a different clothing size?
  5. Does anyone have one of these? I just got one. If anyone has one, I would appreciate any information you might have.
  6. I was wondering. Skechers has come out with a new shoe "Shapers". Does anyone have these?
  7. I looked for the cocomotion machine on the internet. I found a couple of places, but they are asking way to much for it.I have a Bullet machine. I wonder if I could use that. I would have to still heat it in the microwave.
  8. christy22


    Hello everyone, Glad to be here! New to this site. I was trying to find recipes you may have had way back. How do you find them?
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