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  1. Re: Everyone. Thank you SO much for the encouragement. You're all right, I know that losing more slowly is much better in the long run. I just keep comparing it to the one other time that I did WW when it was steady 1-2 pounds a week (and I had fewer pounds to lose). I'm trying to look at this not as re-gained weight, but as new weight, because it took longer to put on. Re: Weaver. That's exactly what I really needed to hear. I need to have some reason for the slow weight loss, in addition to knowing that it's a good thing. I wanted to think that the working out had something to do with it, and your validation helps a lot. Today's update: Lost 0.2 pounds and freaked out for a minute. Thank goodness y'all had replied. You have really helped.
  2. [sorry for the angry face, I'm frustrated] Hi guys, I posted about this a bit in the newbie forum (obvs, I'm new, this is only my 4th post) but I wanted to get some more input after another weigh in. My changes have gone like this: 1st week: down 2 lbs, 2nd week: down .5 lbs, 3rd week: up .5 lbs, 4th week (today), down .2 lbs. It was TOM last week, so I blamed it on that. I didn't like doing that, because I knew it would encourage me to expect a big drop this week, which didn't happen. Now, I'm trying so hard not to give up, but I need some encouragement about the way cardio and weightlifting might affect the speed of your weight loss. I'm working out about 6 days a week (just realized I haven't had a break in a long time) and doing cardio every day and alternating muscle groups of lifting every day. Could this be affecting the numbers? I don't want to stop lifting just to see a loss, because I like the way my arms are looking. I'd just like to hear if this has happened to anyone else. Thanks for reading, everyone! these.foolish.things PS I'm eating almost all APs and all WAPs (between birthdays, Valentine's day and Mardi Gras, I've needed them). Could this be another factor? Should I cut back on the extra points?
  3. Thanks for the welcome! I eat whole grain high fiber breads, tons of fruit and vegetables, hummus, lean meats, cereal, soy milk, and some treats (vitamuffins with frosting, better n peanut butter). I'm definitely holding off on the processed food (except for the vitamuffins. and the frosting. it's delicious!), and the blockage has luckily not been an issue so far. I'm not so good about keeping up with the 9HG: it's the oil that gets me. I'll stay patient, but my worry is that I'll just be more upset if I don't lose anything soon. Thank you for the help, though. It's nice hearing that this might be an issue for other people.
  4. Hi! I have used all of my daily and weekly points so far. It's worked out that I've had events that I wanted to be able to indulge a bit at since I began, so I've used all weekly points for those. I'm also wondering if that has something to do with the gain. I tend not to use my AP's (they only end up being about 2-3 per workout), but I would if I wasn't using all of my weekly points. I'm also not trying to lose more than 20 pounds: I'm 5'8" at 160 right now. At this point, I know that I am most comfortable at 140, and my body likes being there. So do my clothes. Thank you so much for the kind response!
  5. Hello! I am a first time poster here in the community, though I've used your help and support for about 5 years now. [skip the following if you're bored easily or might be triggered by vague ED descriptions] The first time I did WW was in 2005, and I seem to remember it going flawlessly. I had a rough break up and gained back the weight plus a little over the next couple of years. Then, I had a couple years of eating horribly. I tried to start WW again and kept gaining, switched to Core and gained, and gave up on "the right way". I lost weight by restricting for months at a time, then tried to "eat like a normal person" (mindfully and healthily) and gained it all back, plus some. I'm now at the highest weight I've ever been and have recommitted to doing WW the right way. Today was my third weigh-in. I lost two pounds at the first, lost .5 pounds at the second, and gained a pound today. I am incredibly disappointed and frustrated. I have been counting and working out steadily, and I am fighting the urge to drop everything and go back to restricting, which might be the only thing that works for me (the crazy part of my brain says this, anyway). I do have reasons/excuses for the gain. I drank alcohol on Sunday (points counted!) and this is my crimson flow week, two bloaty events. I also have been weight training, which is fairly new for me (at least while actively weighing myself). I know these are valid, but I also don't want to hope for a bigger loss next week because of them, only to be disappointed. So, hello. If anybody has words of advice or validation or encouragement, I could really use them right now. Thanks for always being there while I've been lurking; I'm looking forward to posting more. these.foolish.things
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