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    Why did I fall apart so much yesterday? Ok, here's what happened. I had lunch out with two dear friends yesterday.. They both commented on how great I look.. I've taken off 30 lbs. and have 40 more to go.. but I've changed my hair and wore make-up and really felt good yesterday.. very OP. lunch was a breeze.. I ordered fish and 1/2 cup rice and vegs. no bread, no dessert.. and felt wonderful and so proud of myself... we talked about being in control of eating and exercising, and I came off very sure of myself and where I was at this time in my life and progress as a WW. now comes the big but...later that day I went to stay with my grandchildren for a few hours.. both our teenagers.. we ordered in pizza and spaghetti and salad... I ate all of that and than got into the cookies and choc. covered raisins and nuts and anything else that wasn't nailed down.... Finally it was time to go home and I started feeling sad for how I had lost control of my eating.... I thought I had " showed off" at lunch and here I was proving myself a phony... after adding up all the points of yesterday, I find I'm out of flex points for the week... and in fact over by 7 points and I need to eat only 20 points a day for the next 5 days in order to stay within my point range for the week... so now what?? what happened last night? why didn't I make better choices for myself.. no one forced the cookies/ or other snack foods down my throat. I placed them in my mouth by my own hand... any answers out there?? thanks for letting me have a place to vent. best to everyone, essie
  2. Thanks everyone for the Latke, advise.... The thing is I'm not the one making them... but I think I'll stick to eating 2 and use my flex points .... I let mine sit on a paper napkin to soak up excess fat.... so that helps a little.. Not a great weight loss this week... only .2 but some at my meeting today came in with major weight gains, so I'll just have to stay focused and not complain about my meager loss... hope everyone has a great week. best, essie
  3. Hi , I made this today and the flavor of the meat was wonderful.... but my loaf seem to be on the dry side.... I used 93% fat free beef and used all the exact ingredients..... I put the crock pot on slow, but I think for whatever reasons.... I should have cut the time by at least an hour.... anyone with any ideas???
  4. This may seem stupid.... but is there any way to make fish in my crock pot? I'm new at this.... cooking with a crock pot. Thanks, essie
  5. This sounds wonderful,.. but did I miss how many servings this makes and how many points per serving? please post this info. I would really like to try this recipe... thanks essie
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