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  1. Really? Nothing? Hello....hello....is this thing on? Lol. I knew activity was slow but I didn't think it was dead!
  2. Hey guys. I just started back on WWers last weekend and I've opted for the simply filling path. My question is concerning barley. I have material that says barley is not an acceptable power food. The chicken barley chili recipe on the back of the quaker barley box is a mainstay for me and I need to know if I need to tweek the recipe and substitute brown rice or another acceptable grain so as to make it 100% simply filling acceptable. This is my rescue soup when I get hungry and I hate to be without it! Thanks in advance. David
  3. I HATE change! HATE, HATE, HATE it. Till now! Weight watchers has nailed this thing! This plan gives us options so we feel less restricted but teaches us that ingesting junk will cost us valuable points. That changes the way we look at our food choices. I call that dietary psychology and it's brilliant! David
  4. WTG!!! Great job hanging tough! David
  5. Like many of us who are currently on WWers I am a veteran of numerous programs from the past including the old liver and tuna days. Since those days, the science of food and nutrition has advanced astronomically. No one has been more involved in this research than the scientist at WWers. With the new Pointsplus program we are getting to experience the results of their hard work. Just like many others here I was highly sceptical when I received my new material. The first thing most of us notice is the increase of points allowed per day as well as an increase in the weekly points we are allotted. Because we are accustomed to the old plan we naturally equate an increase in points with a decrease in results on the scale. I do not believe this to be true with the new plan. First, many of the points for certain foods have increased. Foods higher in simple carbs and fat but lower in the good stuff like protein and fiber have increased. Some as much as 3 fold. This in itself is teaching us to choose our foods more carefully. If we do this we will be allowed to consume more food. If you are a volume eater like myself this will keep us more satisfied and more likely to stay OP. Second, our body breaks down and processes different foods in different ways. If we were to look at our body as a furnace then complex carbs, protein, and fiber would be like notebook paper quickly consumed. Once that external food source is extinguished then our bodies turn to the next available fuel source which is our stored fat. Fat and simple carbs are much different. They would be more like a huge log that even though it might burn, the next morning there is still some left. That left over log is what gets left on our butts. The scientists at WWers understand these issues but they are not the catalysts that drive your success. YOU ARE! In order to get the results we want we must do our part. Researchers can give us all the science and data in the world but they cannot give us willpower or common sense. 0 point fruit does not mean you can eat 5 bananas, 3 apples, an orange and half a watermelon and have success. We also MUST....and I mean MUST adhere to the healthy guidelines! In addition to this, reducing your sodium intake is also important as well as exercise. If you want great results then GET MOVING! You'll feel better and even if the scale might lie nothing gets you in a smaller wardrobe quicker than hard work at the gym or on the track! So in closing just let me say that even though I was a little sceptical my first week on the new program I trusted the science and did my part. I exercised every day, journaled my points, adhered to the guidelines, and reduced my sodium. The result......12.8 pounds gone forever! Now for the kicker. I did this all with a daily target of 71 points. 71!! That's 27 points more than I have ever been allowed. If the science didn't work then how would that have been possible? Have a great day buddies and KEEP FIGHTING! David
  6. Thanks buddies. I was confused because they list them under oils in my expanded food lists book I got from WWers. David
  7. I'm not sure i'm doing this correctly but do ff butter and ff salad dressings count as healthy oils? I have been using 2 tsp olive oil as my healthy oils and just not worrying about the others. David
  8. Happy birthday Denise. I hope it rocks! David
  9. Hi Kristi. Just checking in to see how well you're doing. I'm trying to see if some missing buddies would be interested in posting again on the commando thread. Activity has been slowwwwwww. If not fine but I would like to know how you are. You were always one of my favorites.



  10. Well for me the pts value was extreme because I tend to use more dressing than some. With lowfat dressings those fat grams accumulate with each additional serving and that ups the pts. You can always buy ff dressing and add the required 2 healthy oils for a creamier better tasting salad. If you like sweet dressings then adding splenda will help. David
  11. Hi Christi. I sometimes combine equal parts FF italian and FF ranch and sweeten with Splenda. I like sweet dressings though. I even sweeten my FF thousand island. David
  12. That's awesome Carol!!!! I can't believe I missed this. You are such an inspiration. If you get a chance come visit us on the commando thread. I'm glad you're doing well. Hugs and kisses. David
  13. Hey girl!! We're gonna get the commandos back to where it was but I can't do it without my Swedish co-pilot. I'm sorry I've stayed away Hanna. It wasn't fair to my closest friends like yourself and Lesa and Joanne. Let's get this party started. Whatta ya say buddy?



  14. Been thinking about you and hope you're doing well, David.

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