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  1. Freeze 'em. They will come in handy in a month or so some night when I don't have time to cook because I need to get my workout in.
  2. I found your blog and it's dated 2010, I was wondering how you were doing? Your first one I read really inspired me, thank you! I am on my 21 day today.

  3. For Me

    AP and WPA

    If you join WW online and use the online tracker, it's the same as what Kimberly described. You can choose to have the program use either one first. It's just a setting in the program. I too use my AP and try to stay away from WPA (bet I'm glad they are there.)
  4. Okay. It's on my shopping list.
  5. Trudie - Congratulations on your HM. You give me something to aspire to. I'm glad it was a good experience for you. SuperBowl - Congrats on finishing the program. If you want to do a 5K and want to avoid the crowd, find a race that uses chips for timing. My running buddy literally panics in crowds. We get the chips and hang in the back. We let the crowd fan out ahead of us and our chip time doesn't start until we cross the start line. We don't care too much about our time, but it's still nice to know. Susan - Good to see you were able to get a run in even though you had a sick one to tend to. Good for you. Phobos - I broke my hip/femur when I was eleven. I've had two surgeries on it to get me walking right. Because of that, I was a very inactive child. Encouragement from DH helped me to be a more active adult, but even he had his doubts about me running. I did it with my doctor's input all the way. The one time I had a problem, I saw her and she told me to take two weeks off and go back slow. It worked. If you still have the desire, here's another vote for be smart about it and go slow.
  6. I wanted to jump in and congratulate you all for your successes. It's nice to see others enjoying the program. I had and still have DOMS, but it's important to note that as you continue running, you are able to handle longer and longer distances without the issue. When I did C25K, I had it all the time. Now I only feel it when I do my long runs (5-6 miles) once a week. It's a process, but you will get there as your muscles become accustomed to the longer distances.
  7. Susan - Good for you joining in with your family. Keep telling yourself it's doable. I'm going to tell you a secret that's going to help you . . . you are a runner. You just said you are doing a running program. How can you not be a runner? Maybe you didn't use to be a runner. You can use that as your mantra to help with the rough patches. "I am a runner. I am a runner. I am a runner." Keep it up. SuperBowl - Look at you forging ahead without any hangups. I'm an outside runner too and I started in April. I whined about getting rained on some mornings. I'm not sure if I'd have made it if I started in the winter. Thanks for sharing your success here. If you keep up your pace, you'll be a competitive runner if you decide to do races.
  8. Good list. I was surprised I didn't see avacados. I have made myself switch to all natural peanut butter. That was an acquired taste for me. I also just learned about the farm-raised salmon issues and made that switch recently. Sounds like I have to work on kale and sardines.
  9. Hey SuperBowl - Congratulations on keeping up with the program. I don't know if there is such a thing as too slow or too fast really. The way I understand the program, you will be able (ideally) to run 5K in 30 minutes when you finish. So you have to be running a little better than a 10 minute mile to do that. Sounds like you are ahead of that. If you are keeping up, I don't know why it would be too fast. When I was having trouble completing the 5K without walking, DS told me to time how fast each mile was. My first mile was a much faster mile than my second. And my third was even slower than my second. He suggested I slow down my first mile and it would help me with the longevity issue I was having. It helped me. If you are keeping up and feeling strong after each run, I wouldn't worry about it. If you run into trouble with the program or keeping up with the increases at some point, then you could try to adjust it. Keep it up.
  10. Congratulations. Well done!
  11. Hi, Liz. I struggled with a sinus/head cold thing last week and didn't do very well either. I'm ready to get back at it. Went to Curves last night. It felt good.
  12. I had the same popcorn shocker when I switched to P+. When I feel really munchie in the evening, popcorn can fix that for me in a way celery and carrot sticks just can't seem to measure up. My "old plan" 2 point snack went up to 7 points on P+. I just remind myself that I have 9 "extra" points a day now. I can still have it; I just have to plan for it.
  13. Trudie - Love your story. Thank you for sharing. So if I can build up to a half marathon, I get to go to Disney? Hmmmm . . . SuperBowl - I started C25K in April 2010. I ran outside so never paid attention to distance. It was all just the timed walk/runs. When I "finished," I could jog the 30 minutes, but it was not a 5K. I pouted for a day and then got in my car and drove around until I had laid out a 5K route close to my house. I started running it. I finally jogged every step after about three weeks. I did my first 5K race on Labor Day weekend in my home town with jaws dropping all around me. I wasn't happy with my time so jumped into another one the next weekend. On my way home I decided I needed to do a 10K. I got online and found a 12 week program to go from 5K to 10K. I picked a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day and finished in 1:06:28. Not great, but I wasn't last either. My next goal is to run around Mackinac Island. My family has ridden bikes around it several times. I remember being on a tandem bike with DH one year and seeing runners. I remember being impressed by them. I have to do it. It's 8 miles. It's not a race. It's for me. I was thinking May would be good so I would keep running this winter. I try to run three times a week but the Michigan winter has not always allowed it. My schedule is Tuesday/Thursday at least 3 miles and more if I have time and feel good. On the weekend I schedule a run with a buddy and we usually do 5 to 6 miles. My plan is to start in March to increase my distances to get ready for Mackinac. I'm just trying to maintain now.
  14. Quix - Well done! Love hearing success stories. Keep it up.
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