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  1. I'm new to this forum, but an not new to WW. It's the only time I've been sucessful loosing weight. Of course, if I could stay sucessful I would not be there right now. This is my 4th time joining WW. I joined 15 week ago and have lost 23.5 pounds. I've very happy with my weightloss thus far, but I still have about 35 more to go. Most days are great, but it's been raining for two days and all I want to do is put on my jammies and veg! I've worked out already today. You'd think losing an hour would help the day pass so that I can start anew tomorrow, but it not! I know I should do something else, like paint my nails, but as I'm writing this, I realize that I'm already feeling a little better. Maybe this is just what I needed. TO VENT! Hope to talk to some of you soon. I love reading everyones stories. They are inspirational and remind me that I'm not alone.
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