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  1. Im on Time For Success - it is the only one we get here so not sure about any of the others. As far as i know, the points you get is the points you get and there are no extra etc.
  2. I have a question about points... even though i have been on and off WW for over ten years and i am fatter than ever, but anyway. Hopefully this time will be the time i get this weight off! I am currently on 24 points, as per the book says i should be for my current weight. Is it ok to save 2 points per day? So have 22 points per day so that i can have a meal out on the weekend (i do not like "cheating" during the week as it throws me off completely). Also, my leader has told me to stay on 24 points regardless of when i lose enough to go down in points, she wants me on the same points and only when i hit a problem will she adjust my points. Is this ok to do?
  3. That is what it says in my Book 1 - we have the Australian / New Zealand books here as for some reason they dont print our own for this country. In the book it says 24 points for my weight. But my leader wants me to stay on 24 even as i start going down... this has me really confused as even in the past when i was on WW i moved my points as per my weight.
  4. Thanks guys, really appreciate the honest feedback. Just to answer some questions: I have been to the doctor, promise Even though i hate going to the doctor, i do go when i really have to... and this year some things came up. Let me back track a bit for some history - for YEARS now i have been suffering with muck on my chest. Whenever i would laugh a lot it would result in me not being able to breath properly and i always thought that it IS possible to die laughing... Anyhow, i also continually had this throat clearing thing where i was always trying to clear stuff from my throat. Never once did i think anything of this as i have always had it, only in the past... hmm... say 3 years has it gotten really quite bad. Right so, three months ago it got so bad that i was unable to sleep due to the very loud wheezing in my chest. There was so much rubbish in my lungs that i could literally feel the bubbles when i breathed... so i went to the doctor, finally. Lo and behold he did a lung function test as he thought i had asthma. He put me on a pump for a month and told me to go back for another lung test in a month - which i duly did exactly four weeks later. That was when he diagnosed me with chronic asthma and i am now on a daily pump for management and wow what a difference this has made in my life! On the return visit i asked him about exercise as he knows i am trying to lose this weight, and he gave me the all clear. I told him i brought a bike and he said "get on it and go". He also said losing the weight will help my asthma problem. Reason i am waiting til 1st August is because i have recently had a cold and want to give it two weeks for my body to come right and also because it is freezing here. We are smack bang in the middle of winter and by the first week of August things start getting milder - making exercise outside a whole lot more pleasant. But to be honest, i think giving myself one more week will be enough. The coughing is just about finished now so im sure a week will be enough. So perhaps next Monday i can get riding. As for the mini goals, yip that is what i am doing with the aim of the big ride. I want to be able to comfortably ride 10km in the next 8 weeks. Also there is a really nice cycle park nearby that have different routes and trails, all measured out with difficulty ratings etc, so i plan to start there on the easiest and work my way up from that. Then i can see my progress using their system too. So far so good, i have followed my points exactly so far!
  5. Hey all I have a question about cycling and i am hoping someone could help me out. I need to lose 40 kilos which is almost 100 pounds (i think?). I recently brought a mountain bike with the intention of getting fit and losing weight. But i really do believe that exercise is made easier if there is a goal in place. Every year there is a 95km cycle race. Now i would not be entering to "race" as such, i would want to enter with the intention of just being able to finish within the time. The time is six hours total to finish. If you are outside that time they pull you off the course and do not allow you to continue which is fair enough. It is held each year in November. Obviously this year is out of the question as i would get to 5km and need a ventilator. But what about next year? What i am trying to figure out is - do i aim for next year (2011 November) or should i be more realistic and aim for 2012 November? I really want to aim for next year as to even be able to enter would be a massive achievement for me. BUT is this doable considering the weight i need to lose? I plan to start cycling on 1st August every day except Sundays in order to start training. But along the way i have to lose this weight too. Is this possible or am i smoking my socks? Any advice would be welcome
  6. I went looking about in all my settings and found the problem! Thanks! Sorry, i should have took a closer look before posting...
  7. Hi all I registered here a while back and only now i am getting around to spending more time on forums etc, so i am hoping to become a "regular" I rejoined WW for the billionth time last year, then i had to quit for a while due to a few things which did not do me any good - i just got bigger. Even with WW, even if i do not lose, it still keeps me in check to not gain. Anyhow, a couple of weeks back i rejoined AGAIN and i know i have said this to myself a billion times, but i really do need to do it this time. Like really. No joking about as my health is at risk. I have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, i am morbidly obese (or i was 5 pounds ago) and i am a walking disaster. I need to lose 100 pounds odd, perhaps it is slightly lower than that, but that is the ball park amount. I do have the advantage that i am able bodied, i am able to move about and whilst i may be morbidly obese, i can still manage a 5 k walk even if it takes me 1.5 hours... so all it not yet lost. A month ago i brought myself a mountain bike and i started riding. Then i got sick with a nasty cold (its winter here) and i am recovering from that. My aim now is to get back exercising on 1st August. Does anyone have any experience with cycling helping weight loss? As for WW, i am on 24 points per day and my leader wants me to stay on 24 points regardless of what i lose - until such point i hit a plateau. She says i must stay on 24 points and not pay attention to that page in the book with points and what you currently weigh. Has anyone heard of this? I am still not convinced she is right lol! Looking forward to becoming a part of this great community!
  8. I am new to the forum even though i signed up a couple of months back, only now am i going to be on here more and more. When i click on the title of the forum on the main page, i go into the page and i cannot see many, if any, threads. Any idea why? Thanks!
  9. Hi all Wasnt sure where to say 'hi' to everyone, so thought here would be the best place. I am new here, but not new to WW. Been on and off WW for many years but now sit in a position of needing to shed almost 90 pounds - i started off needing to lose 100. I was going to meetings, but found the leader was giving up interest and i needed the money elsewhere so i have decided to go it alone at home. No sooner had i quit my meetings (end of Feb this year) then i found out i needed to go in for a minor surgery, then it was Easter and a few birthdays so this past month has been disasterous. However, i am back on track this week. I also have a blog where i keep track of things and i use that as my weekly meeting for myself. Looking forward to getting to know you all more!
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