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  1. Question please? Last week I asked our leader if we had to eat all of our 29 points per day and she said eat until you were comfortable. Yet in the old program if you did not eat your target daily points you were at risk of not losing weight. Could someone help me? My first week on the new program I lost .4
  2. Shican

    Here I Go

    Good for you Ann. I rejoined WW in Canada May 2010, and have continued WW here in California. In April I will be back to the class in Canada. I have not been on this board for a long long time and feel good being back. Since May I have lost 22-23 pounds and am looking forward to reaching my 10% goal within a week or so.
  3. Hi; I enjoyed your site and wish you the best of luck. Congratulation's on your upcoming wedding. My daughter is getting married in August. Keep up the great work.
  4. Shican

    100 lbs gone

    Laura, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!!!!! What an amazing accomplishment. You should be very very proud of yourself.
  5. Wow....you look wonderful! Don't know what else to say other than you could be a model you are sooo pretty!
  6. Congratulations on a great job! My goodness what an inspiration you are. You must have had some bad times during those past two years and yet you continued on. You have my upmost admiration.
  7. 50 pounds!!! Omigosh you must be so proud of yourself. Congratulation's on a job well done.
  8. What a terrific accomplishment!!!! Keep up the great work
  9. Hi; Just spotted your post and had to pop in and add my congratulations!!!!! What a wonderful job you have done, so wonder you are feeling on top of the world!!!
  10. Wow, congratulation's!!! How does it feel???? Could you do a good luck hoax or something for me???? You should have the power - after all you HAVE SUCCEEDED!!!!!
  11. Congratulations! 50#'s. That is just super!!! You must be on cloud 9! Keep up the great work.
  12. Jolene, good for you!!! We are capable of doing this. That first 10 per cent is a great begining!
  13. That is just wonderful!!! Good for you. Keep up the great work.
  14. Shican

    10% gone

    Hi; Finally finally got rid of that first 10%. I had set up lots of mini goals for myself. #1 To weigh less than my DH. #2 to get back into onderland #3 My first 10% Sounds like a lot of things but it all worked out to 22 pounds. But heh, I really feel like I have accomplished something. Now on to the next set of goals!!!!!
  15. I cannot imagine how excited and happy you must be. Your words certainly hit home with me. Thanks for the insight. Congratulations. You are awesome!
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