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  1. Sounds great - I am going to look for these!
  2. Hi everyone, Just logging in my exercise to stay accountable. Went to gym and did 10 min. eliptical - 5 weight machines - 10 min. eliptical - and 10 minutes treadmill. Came home, and went out and took dog for 40 min. brisk walk. So I am done done done for the day! Anything else is bonus. (who am I kidding... I am DONE!) Keep moving everyone! Raina
  3. Hi everyone, I would like to join your thread too if that's ok? Back to WW since end of March (12th try now) Just trying to do it on my own, and love using this site for support. I go to a gym a few times a week and love to walk. As like others, my threads are gone.... so am wandering aimlessly looking for buddies. Hey Heather.... glad to see you here! Raina
  4. Hi Grainne:bcb_smile That took me sooooooo long to figure out! I am just new to this internet thing. But keeping busy figuring out the tickers - did keep my mind off food. lol thanks for noticing
  5. Congratulations for getting back on track! I am, and probably alot of people are exactly in the same situation as you. I have only been here on this site a very short while, and have Loved the support, tips, and sharing. Like you, I have decided to get my WW support here, and have approx. 49 lbs to lose to get to my first major goal... and then onward to my WW goal. Good luck to you, you can do it... and Welcome.
  6. hi Joanne, Welcome back to WW. I have a daughter your age... and I am fighting the battle just like you. Been there done that, so to speak. Weight watchers is a great program, and it does work. It's just making the right choices and staying motivated. Maybe we can motivate each other. Good luck, you can do it this time!!!!!! Just weigh yourself today, look at the number, and say outloud "I will never see this number again, it's only gonna go down from here"!:kickbutt:
  7. I also caught the show, and thought it was excellent! It really opens your eyes to the kind of junk and poison we are eating. Looking forward to seeing it again.
  8. Thanks for the welcome! Can someone tell me how to put that weight loss ticker on... ...that looks fun
  9. Hi everyone. My name is Raina and I am a die hard WW believer. WW is the only program I have ever lost weight on - and am hoping to do so again. Looking forward to meeting new friends in the same boat.:wave:
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