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  1. alamoe

    Bad back

    Can anyone that has herniations in their back let me know what kind of exercises that they are able to do without much pain? I'm basically just walking and the weight isn't coming off as quick as I'd like. I was told I could do yoga but am unsure if that's a good option or not. THanks alamoe
  2. thanks for the advice. i've been having finding a bread i like. thanks.
  3. what's a good low point bread?
  4. Yum that burrito sounds good. What kind of beans do you use?
  5. Hi Cindy. Thanks for the wonderful tips and ideas. It's hard, like even today, I don't know what to make for myself. I've been really into turkey burgers and making them on my own, but am trying to find a new recipe but no one has responded to the blog. I also wanted to ask you what tortillas that you use? I can't seem to find the La Tortilla Factory tortillas anymore at my SHoprite so I bought the MIssion Carb ones b/c they have high fiber. Thanks again.
  6. I've been eating the WW meals but there is a certain limit of microwaveable foods. Does anyone have any good quick and easy meals I could make for lunch. I find myself taking bites out of my kids lunches. EEk!
  7. anyone got good turkey burger recipes?
  8. I'm having trouble finding LaTortilla Factory tortillas in my loal shoprite. I bought Mission CarcSmart. the fiber is 5g. Anyone know if this is a good one? Or does anyone know of a good tortilla to try?
  9. alamoe


    I'm nursing and wanted to get advice on some good protein recipes or food options to keep my energy and points down?
  10. I've been on a turkey burger kick and wanted to know if anyone has a good recipe for them? I have one but would like to try others?
  11. So I just had my third baby. 20 lbs came off between baby and other stuff. I now have the long journey ahead of me to get the other 50ish off to be pre-pregnancy weight. This is the third time back on WW. I've done it before. Just need a little help and push to get going. Anyone out there have some good ideas to make bulk dishes for breakfast? Ideas for lunch being at home with 3 little ones? I need all the brain power I can get considering I'm not able to think to much lately. Thanks to all who help out.
  12. I saw a recipe for these and they were high in points. Anyone have a good recipes out there for these with low points? I'm trying to find some new ideas for breakfast and these seem good to try.
  13. I just had my third and am trying to figure out some really good breakfasts that are fast, tasty and quick for me to make or prepare ahead of time due to the fact that I have 3 kids under 5. So I'm quite busy but want to get the baby weight off, safely. Any suggestions? Also, if anyone knows of some good quick lunches, that would be great too. Thanks for the support of this site.
  14. alamoe

    Iced Mocha

    Help! I'm addicted to the Iced Mocha at McDonald's. With FF Milk, it's 6 points. Anyone have any ideas on how to lower this yummy treat into WW style. It's so good and perks me up in the morning.
  15. Hi Kacy. I believe that you get 10 extra points for breastfeeding, not 12. I'm going to be starting back soon myself after having my third. I can't wait to get back on track and have my postbaby body back. Good luck and let me know if you need anything. By the way, make sure you are drinking lots and lots of fluids. Try new WW juice ideas in the archives to help boost production. alamoe
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