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  1. Hello everybody my name is Dominique and I am a "Newbie". Let's see I first joined WW in 6/2009 and my starting weight was 222 pounds. In 8/2009 I stopped going to meetings and continued to follow the program on my own. I guess I felt like I had enough information to do it on my own. By 9/2009 I had lost approx. 25 pounds and I was at 197.I thought that I was making great progress and food choices. So, I stopped tracking points, reduced my work outs and wasn't weighing myself anymore. I was cheating a little here and there...then I would jump back on the wagon.. then the holidays came up and I overindulged...excuses, excuses , excuses.......I know. Clothes started fitting tighter for me but I payed it no mind, I blamed it on the dryer...lol. The real confirmation didn't hit me until I went to the doctor in 2/2010 and i found out that I had gained 21 pounds back..I now weighed 218..ouch! Determined to shed some pounds I started back working out and did the low carb thing....,,but then I was feeling fatigued and got tired of the same foods. So now I am ready for BOOTCAMP ! I am serious and more DETERMINED then ever this is my first week back following the WW program and I am ready! My starting weight is 209 and my goal weight is 150
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