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  1. Welcome! There's lots off groups you can join up with here to meet common goals, find support, and just chatter with a bit. Look around and see what suits you. Thre are some really wonderful people here.
  2. I think its a good idea. I myself have been following WW about 50% of the time I've been here- currently I am doing low-carb and not counting points or calories or anything else. I know I'm not the only one who changes their course of action here and there. Gotta find what works!
  3. If anyone here is still doing this stuff, check out Fire Mountain Gems. If you buy enough, you get almost wholesale prices- for most things they are cheaper than anywhere else I have looked or ordered from and they have pretty much everything. I've been making beaded jewelry for over ten years- you can see some of my work on my website at http://kittyloafdesigns.com/ Just visit the shop section to see most of it.
  4. I've actually been blogging for other reasons (its cheap therapy) for over 8 years, several times a week. I tried posting this way into my regular blog, but hated the way it cluttered up my other posts. Doh! Easy solution! Make its own blog just for that purpose! On my way to check out your blog now.
  5. After numerous half-hearted tries, I am going to succeed this time. I made a new blog, this one only for reporting my weight, what I ate, when I exercised... I just started it 3 days ago so not much there yet, but I'll be posting every day to keep myself accountable. The link is http://prettycanhurt.com/losingit/ I also have my personal blog with normal day to day stuff at http://prettycanhurt.com/. Anyway, if any o you guys have weight loss blogs you update regularly, I'd love to see them. Reading them can be so motivating!
  6. I don't know how I never saw this post, but its so true! I know that's exactly why I am stuck- because I am being lax and eating all my flex and (maybe) not noticing a few bites of this or that here and there. This week I have done so much better, and I intend to continue doing better. See? I admitted my problem, so now I have to acknowledge it and fix it, right? Right! Let's see that scale go down come Sunday!
  7. I found this on the good old web when I was searching for them. I rewrote it in my words and published it to my site on the page for figuring your points allowance. Here it is. Activity levels are low, moderate, and high. Low means you are not sweating. Moderate means you are sweating after 10 minutes. High means you are sweating after 3 to 5 minutes. Each one has a numeric value. Low : 0.000232 Moderate : 0.000327 High : 0.0008077 Take the value for the level of activity you are at, and multiply it by your weight in pounds and then by the number of minutes you were at that activity level. For example, if you were at a moderate level for 60 minutes, and weight 200, your number of activity points would be 3.924. I track everything in an excel workbook, so on the page I have for activity points, I set up a formula to do the math for me. All I have to do is adjust my weight and the number of minutes, then copy the answer to record it on the tracking sheet. It looks like that formula comes out really close to the results of the calculator posted.
  8. inkdork


    I love clothes for little kids, boys and girls! They're all cute to me... lol. Especially newborn clothes. Adorable!
  9. We have the old rules, which look fine to me. Anyone have suggestions for a time frame? I'd still like to do this.
  10. Just walked to the post office and back. 1.2 miles in 14 minutes. Figured I'd walk rather then drive just to mail my Netflix back.
  11. I went to the pool and swam for 50 minutes tonight (Thursday night). Did a little more then last time and finished with 52 links... I think I could have done more but there really wasn't time, and I feel weird being the last one out of the pool! lol
  12. I had a doctor's appointment before my water aerobics class, so by the time I made it there, class was nearly over. I ended up walking for 20 minutes instead, which came out to a mile and a half. Funny how walking 1.2 miles to the post office and back is more tiring then walking around the pool! Yoga went well, did 80 minutes in there.
  13. I just finished 46 minutes with the Wii Fit... this afternoon I have water aerobics and yoga. Water aerobics is supposed to be a free period today so probably just going to run in the pool for the hour. We have a test on next Monday anyway where all we do is run as many times as we can up and down the pool in ten minutes so it'll be a good chance to see how I much I can do before the actual text.
  14. Welcome Brittany! WW is great- once you get it, you've got it. The first few weeks for me were daunting but after that it's mostly smooth sailing.
  15. Welcome! Sounds like if you're losing inches, you're off to a good start even if the scale isn't moving. You're probably toning up, which is great!
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