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  1. Well if that doesnt make you want to hop on your treadmill and go for a jog idk what will! Thanks it was very informative, and lit a fire under my lazy butt!
  2. I KNOW! I dont know how they are going to continue a show called GREY'S anatomy if they killed her and now Meredith was originally supposed to be leaving after this season...*sigh* who knows. Hour on treadmill today, eating a smart one's lasagna for dinner, because i'm too tired to cook real food, other than that OP going fine.
  3. 30 minute treadmill day, had to eat fastfood for dinner but still did good points wise...salt notsomuch. Oh well the scale with catch up...eventually. Now off to go watch Grey's Anatomy
  4. Find myself wanting to be lazy today but i did do an hour on the treadmill, frustrated that the scale has gone up 2lbs since Sunday. Must. Stop. Weighing. Every. Day. OP going fine. Peggy-yay on adding the machines! I keep trying to find ways to exercise my upper body, so far I'm just doing Pilates and resistance bands.
  5. Well I'm glad I could add some variety to your dinner! Treadmill for an hour today, stayed active all day long!
  6. With the brands I use its about 13 pts (old ww) for a whole one (I'm not sure how many points plus it would be), so 7ish points for each meal I have. I'm sure if you use whole wheat tortillas and ff cheese and low calorie options it would be even more point friendly! I use steamed corn & broccoli, or brown rice for my sides with it, and sour cream. 30 minutes on the treadmill again today, blah, I really need to step up my game again and get back to my hour sessions. Tomorrow maybe
  7. 30 minutes on treadmill today too tired to do another 30. Chicken quesadillas are super easy to make! Single serving: 4oz chicken breast (boneless, cooked and chopped) 2 flour tortillas 2 slices of cheese or 1/2 cup shredded (american, cheddar, mozzarella) doesn't matter. canned or fresh mushrooms (as many as you like) (diced) diced onion and anything else you want to throw in (peppers, tomato, cilantro, ect) spray skillet with pam cooking spray and lay down tortilla, put cheese on first make sure it gets around the edges so your top layer will stick. Put your chicken and veggies in and top with other tortilla. when the cheese melts and the bottom gets a little brown, flip it and brown the other side. Ta-da! It says single serving but I usually eat half of the quesadilla and steam veggies to go with it. I save the other half for the next day.
  8. Hour on the treadmill today, making chicken mushroom quesadillas tonight yum. OP going great.
  9. 30 minutes on the treadmill, OP going fine , may do another 30 minutes later tonight.
  10. I know ALLLLL about salt, I had to cut way back so that i could start having better a better WI, I was getting frustrated at not losing. Hour on treadmill, shew I'm exhausted, but it's making major improvements.
  11. Treadmill 30 minutes, I plan on doing 30 more after dinner/before bed, thinking of adding Pilates to my workouts, or every other day. OP going fine.
  12. Did an hour on the treadmill today. I'm really loving it, I feel more energized throughout the day and it keeps me from sitting down. I'll finish my workout and immediately it's "what else can I do today?" Which is a feeling I haven't had in a long time. Peggy-Hope your knee feels better tomorrow!
  13. Well I went over on points by about 2-3, which isn't too bad since I still have all of my weekly allowance points, but I'm still going to avoid the bathroom scale like the plague for the next two days or so...(I weigh myself too much anyway). Lots of water today so that will help, and maybe I can get in another 30 minutes of treadmill time before bed. Night everyone!
  14. I eat Fiber One bars when I have to go somewhere and wont be able to eat, fruit and veggies are sometimes messy or inconvenient if you're on the go, so I'll eat a Fiber One and drink a bottle of water and I'm full!
  15. Treadmill workout done early today, going out with the best friend for dinner and a movie (girl's night out yay!) Hopefully I wont gain this week because of it, sticking within my points but salty foods make me retain water like crazy, and it's so hard to eat out without going over on salt. Keep up the great work everyone:bcb_march
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