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  1. Thanks Ladies! Now I have a dumb question...what do I do now? LOL My books I hope will be here by Friday at the latest. Do I post in the weekly threads...and what do we post? I hope I can get some of you to help me understand the program if I can't figure out when they come. I don't know how much direction there is in the material that is coming. Really looking forward to getting to know you all too! Thanks so much for the welcome!
  2. Hi all... Just getting started with WW. My books will be coming in a couple days. I will be doing WWAH & can't wait. Done the yo-yo thing, now need something that will work for long term. Emotional eating & portion control I struggle with. Very happy I found a support group just for WW since I don't have meetings I can go to. Not sure exactly how these forums work...but I'll do my best to figure it out. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  3. Thank you Ladies!!! Have definitely done the "diet" thing & know it doesn't work for long term. Lifestyle change is what I'm after. Hoping to curb that emotional eating & desire to graze all day. LOL Thanks for the welcome. I'll try & find some groups to join into.
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    Good Morning everyone! I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm waiting for my WW books to come in the mail. I will not be going to meetings as there are none close by. Glad to find a support group just for WW! This is the first time I've done WW. I have a lot of weight I want to lose, and have a hard time being patient...so this is going to be a challenge. I've yo-yo dieted for years & have recently come to realize I need to take the weight loss slower if I want to keep it off. Looking forward to getting know others on the board!
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