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  1. Hi everyone iam new and need some help or information.....I recently went back on weight watchers but doing it at home with the wwpoints plus program .....its been a month now and only lost 6 lbs....i started exercising ...biking ,floor about one half hour and the scale is not budging but i guess i shouldnt be looking every morning....lol I do use salt maybe a little to much...its so frustrating..but ill give it another try if someone can help...thanking you in advancebcb_sad
  2. Iam having the same problem with the jello instant pudding...ff sf made from ff skim milk the book says 4 points for 1 cup and the caluculator says 2....now for a half cup should be only 1 right.......please help i must be calculating wrong
  3. Hi everyone iam new to this site...and just happened upon this recipe and tried it for supper .....well Ican see why its your favorite.....and now its mine to it was absolutly delicious...hubby thought i order it....yes it was a hit to say the least....I ty for such a treat...have a great on program july long week end
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