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  1. What was the points per serving?
  2. Just have to share! I broke 70# gone for a grand total of 71.8 gone! Next the magnet, then ONEDERLAND!!!! I'm not a big poster, but i do enjoy reading! Thanks everyone
  3. I had to share, as today, I had a gerat W/I 3.8 gone to push me over 60# and my 1/2 way point! Which is 59lbs! It's all down hill from here! I'm not much of a poster, but i really enjoy reading all of your posts, and you all continue to be an inspiration to me!
  4. That's right, i got my 50# magnet today. I've lost a total of 51.6lbs, and counting! You all provide a terrific resource here. I'm not a big poster, but am a big reader, and find all of your stories inspriring! Thanks!
  5. Today was the day! After 3 months OP, I received my 25# magnet with a total gone of 25.2! Next is my 10% which is next week...only 1.8# to go!
  6. Congratulations! It's stories like yours that keep us all so motivated...thank you!
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