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  1. Thank you for setting me straight! It is difficult when there is so much bad information out there. I am glad I found a place where I can trust the information I am getting! I keep getting stressed out over reading that I will go into "starvation mode" from restricting my calories and my body will store fat and I will lower my metabolism if I eat so few calories. I just don't want to do anything wrong. I just want to lose a few pounds, eat well and be healthy!
  2. Using your formula, I believe I would be at 20 points. I am 42 years old, 5'8" and I am 150 lbs. (I do not add activity or flex points) I exersize at least 1 hr per day either bicycling outdoors or walking at a brisk pace. I live in Florida so it is very hot outside, so I am sweating and breathing fairly heavy. I can talk but not sing that is the pace I keep. I read online that you should not divide your flex points and add them to your daily points. As I understand it, the flex points are for one splurge, primarily due to the way the body processes food. (this could be wrong information, I just got it on a blog)
  3. I am sorry if this issue has been addressed. I am new on this forum and I am not too good at finding things yet. I am at 18 points per day but I decided to count calories and I am coming in everyday at between 800 and 900 calories. Is this ok or am I doing something wrong? I just dug my old points slide out from many years back and decided I needed to make a change. I am financially unable to attend meetings like I used to. I never checked the calories when I used to be on the program. I didn't have a spreadsheet program like I do now! Gotta love technology!
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