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  1. I have Delta Force bookmarked, so I rarely notice what pops up on the main board... so, here it is, June, nearly three years after you posted here. I feel like I remember you "cybergranny" name, but I haven't been here for 15 years, so maybe not. Anyway, I'm happy to hear reports of people who find their faith again and soldier on through difficult times. Like you, I've been able to keep most of the weight off over the years, for which I'm thankful, but it truly is a life-long fight. I post on Delta Force... we almost shut it down when there was a concern about security, but that was corrected and we all came back... just feels like we're close friends even though we've never met in person and we live thousands of miles apart. It's always encouraging to me to pop in and see how the others are doing. There's always room for one more if you want to join us.
  2. I need to get to bed, but I could go on all night on this topic. Here are my top five reasons that I love WW. 1. I can eat normal food 2. It's a healthy way of eating and is sustainable. 3. When I blow it, I start fresh the next day. 4. My DH can do it with me and "eat like a man" 5. The WPA saves the day when the points get too high... like a built-in sprinkler system...
  3. Third day in a row that I was up early to walk Misha. Explored what will soon be our new stomping grounds, and I'm sure I will be able to find some terrific walking areas not too far away.
  4. I did a walk with Misha again this morning--got up at 6:30 and was the first car in the parking lot of the fen. Oh, how I love the solitude.
  5. You sound like you're on a roll, Peg. BTW, happy belated birthday. I got my fen walk in with Misha this morning --6,000 steps; then a short 15-minute walk with DH and both dogs. We have to move out of this place (), but we found another place this afternoon. Everything is falling into place. I'll have to find new walking routes--we move December 15.
  6. I'll say "Amen," too. It is clear to me that losing and maintaining weight isn't something you do, it's something you live. The love the picture of "no finish line." I keep thinking about how wonderful it will be when I hit goal (and it will be a cause for celebration), but now I see a long road ahead of that finish line. I do think that road will be more enjoyable, though, as I will have left behind 65 pounds. I can't help but think of how freeing that will be. Yesterday I carried in bags of groceries (many canned goods plus fruits and veggies). I couldn't help but note how heavy they felt and could feel the stress on my knees. I took the bags to the scale and all together they weighed just under 40 pounds -- that's less than I've lost, and 25 pounds less than my ultimate goal. Yes, it's a lifetime fight, but when I'm at goal I won't be fighting as a heavyweight:headover:
  7. I'm here, too, Super. I slipped up about 10 lbs., but am moving back down. I never quit coming here, and for me, that was proof to myself that I never quit. I have to admit, though, that when I have a not-so-good day, it's hard to post. Right now, DH has decided to join me in the fight and we're doing this more together than before. That sure helps. Thanks for asking.
  8. Everyone has already said what I'd say -- terrific people on this web site; find a group that fits; and start posting. The support comes from being interactive--so posting is key.
  9. No walking today, but I did get a bike ride in when I got home from a day-long meeting.
  10. Got a 45-minute bike ride in yesterday just before supper and a 50-minute walk with Misha this morning. DH is convinced that our bike rides are helping his knees and backs, so I have someone to push me to get out in the evening. That's a good thing:)
  11. Managed to get a bike ride in yesterday before bed, then was up at 6:30 this morning and took Misha for a 55-minute fen walk. A good start to the day -- looking to finish well.
  12. Yes, you can, SuperBowl. You know the drill. You won't be like so many other who quit and return to the dreaded place they were in before they started. You have recognized that you had some bad days, but those are only a few bad days in almost a decade. You will give yourself a shake, dust yourself off, and march forward, soldier. We're all pulling for you and KNOW that you will kick off those extra pounds that slipped back on. You're strong and you're a winner!
  13. Funny thing, Peggy, that we both got excited at the same time about our exercise haunts re-opening. Got a fen walk in this morning. Yeah!
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