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  1. Just a word of encouragement... my husband had a total knee replacement three years ago is is thrilled with the results . The key for him was to work hard on the exercises after it was done. Just keep thinking of all the things you will be able to do that you had trouble doing before... and how much less pain you shall have to endure! All the best... I will pray for you.
  2. Here's a quick and easy bean salad recipe--I often take this for lunch, as it is very filling: 1 (19 0z) can 3-coloured beans 1 can kidney beans 1/2 onion sliced thin and quatered (I use the purple one because it is pretty) 1 apple chopped coarsely (I like the Granny Smith the best for this) Rinse beans, and combine everything in a bowl. Whisk together 1/3 c. olive oil, 1/3 c. white wine vinegar, and 3-4 of those small pkgs. of Splenda (or Sugar Twin). Pour over beans. Cover and let sit for a while. The longer it sits, the tastier it becomes, so you can eat it over a few days. Sorry I don't know the points on this... but it makes several servings, and I'm sure it must be pretty low. If you use a slotted spoon, you will leave a lot of the dressing behind--and points.
  3. I've only been active on this site for the past three weeks... just discovered it at the end of July. I want to say thanks to all the moderators and administrators that started this and keep it running ! I've spent a lot of time on it since I joined (will lessen as soon as I go back to work) and it has made a huge difference in my attitude and determination... I was wondering what I was going to do after I had to quit the weekly WW meetings (time change and cost). Keep up the great work! Linda P.S... CW... yes, my BD is the same as yours... turning 39 on the next one, are you?
  4. Congratulations on reaching your 5% goal, LillieG . See, SLOW is a great way to go! What a great kick-start you've had! Keep it up Cheers! Linda
  5. Whoo hoo! :headover:I just pedalled all the way up one l-o-n-g hill out of the beach area! It was a secret goal I set for myself a couple of months ago--"I want to be able to pedal up to the top of the hill by the end of the summer." Here it is, only the middle of August and--GOAL MET--I had to stay in first gear for much of the grind, and my thighs were screaming "QUIT," but my heart refused to give in... I WANTED this so much! Now I'm going to brag to DH when he gets home from work... and anyone else who will listen! Walked 50 minutes this morning; cycled 65 mintues. Can I eat cheesecake now?
  6. Hey, I know slow... I'm with his cousin, gradual. I met gradual a few months ago after trifling with fast and easy for many years. I finally realized that fast and easy would jump into my life with lots of hoopla, but just as quickly flit away--far too coquettish for someone like me who wanted a long-term relationship. Of course, I couldn't see the futility of that relationship whenever I was in it, but now that I've come to really know gradual--and his cousin, slow,-- I shake my head wondering how I could have been so blind. I wasn't enamoured by slow and gradual when I was first introduced, but I must say they are stalwart and faithful... I'll take that any day over being left in the dust by fast and easy...slow and gradual have promised to escort me all the way to the finish line, and then stick by me 'til death do us part. Linda
  7. A good start to the day for me...a 50 minute brisk walk and 10 minute walk/run. As I was walking, I was thinking about Jack's response to 1DayAtATime, and how true his words were. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to expect everything to happen instantly. I don't run now, but 30 years ago when I did, I started by walking for 20 steps, then running for 20...a little later, walk for 50, run for 50...little bits by little bits, until I could run a 10km race. I just realized this morning that I have to lose exactly half of what I have already lost to make it to my goal (goal negotiable when I get there). I would have never believed it could happen...little bit by little bit. So, 1DayAtATime, if you really want to run, follow Jack's advice. Have a good AP day, everyone.
  8. I just finished a 1 km. open-water swim...not quite as far as my last swim (1.5 km), but at least I got out there:salut. Sure is more interesting that swimming in a pool:bcb_up Addendum...couldn't stay away from the water...a four-hour slack tide on a glorious day like this, and I just had to pop in once more. This time I did the full 1.5 km. swim. I also did 45 minute bike ride and 40 minute dog-walk...but this walk was for the DOGS...they sniffed at every corner, so it hardly counts for exericise. One of my best days yet!
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