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  1. Hiked for close to 7 hours--my hips are aching tonight. Beautiful hike, though:)
  2. Got a walk in this morning with Misha, then a bike ride and refreshing dip in the ocean with DH. Going hiking tomorrow.
  3. Walks are a good thing to be addicted to, Dottie:) Wow! I just noticed that you lost 84 lbs. and have maintained. You and Peg have accomplished something very few do -- losing a huge amount of weight and maintaining your loss. Those of us who are newer to the program (my first day on WW was Dec. 31, 2009) love seeing results like those -- too often all we've seen are those who have lost then put it right back on. I never did meet my PGW and am 10 lbs. over my WWGW, and I'm determined not to let it get away on me. I'm working hard to move the number southward.
  4. Dog walk for over an hour (but it was a walk for them, not so much for me, so there was a lot of waiting around for them to read their p-mail), then a 30-minute bike ride.
  5. Did my dog walk early this morning--it sure feels like it's becoming a routine, and I will miss it when I go back to work. I'm heading out of town for a few days, so will be MIA.
  6. Way to go, Peg! You've worked hard to get that 2 lb. loss. Went hiking today for 4 hours--pretty relaxed, as I was with my aunt who is pushing 70, but still did some ups and downs.
  7. Another wonderful, sunny day today:) I've been extending my dog walk by adding in an extra loop, thus making it a full hour long. If anyone's interested, here's where I go: http://s931.photobucket.com/albums/ad154/crescentbeachzoo/Serpentine%20Fenn/ Also rode my bike down to a set of stairs that goes from the beach up to the bluff above--189 stairs, to be exact. I only did them once b/c I had to get back home, but I was happy that I could do them without feeling strained.
  8. Got my dog walk in early this morning. Yesterday was great--did a 3-hour hike (not really long in distance, but some strenuous uphill slogging) and also a bike ride. My weight has been down for the past two days, and I'm hoping it will hold until my WI.
  9. Welcome I would encourage you to find a buddy group and start posting. There are a lot of people posting on this web site who have years of experience and the wisdom to go with it. The key is to get active in a group--you will soon get to "know" people, and they will get to "know" you.
  10. Dog walk this morning. Pep talk with DH. Must work harder.
  11. Hi, Jace, I may have missed an announcement--so forgive me if I should already know this. I went to send a Private Memo (or Personal Message... don't remember what it was called), and instead of the old screen coming up, the recipient's e-mail address came up. I think that before, we could only get the e-mail address of someone by them sending it to us through a PM. I know that the boards are private now, but are there any security risks by having the e-mails available? i.e. Any chance of a "crawler" getting those addresses? I'm not a teckie:) Hmmm... editing, here. I just noticed that it changes from person to person--some, like the profile I clicked this morning, have "send e-mail," some have just "private message," and some have both. Guess it depends upon the way each of us has set up our profile. Guess I don't have to worry:salut.
  12. I know quinoa has been around for a long time--my hippie friends in the 60s ate it:) My nephew also uses it as a staple, so I finally tried it. Frankly, I didn't see what the big deal was other than it is listed as one of the "perfect" foods. However, after making a huge batch (I didn't know it tripled!), I found all kinds of ways to use it up and my husband loved having something other than rice or potato. I sauted onions, peppers, and mushrooms, then added a few frozen peas and served it as a pilaf. There was lots left over, so for lunch the next day, I mixed up a dressing (olive oil, rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, honey) and mixed that in a served it as a cold salad. The next time I made it, I used it under a veggie stir-fry. With the leftovers, I added green onions, peppers (red, yellow, green), and celery, then I mixed up another dressing (light Miracle Whip, honey, curry powder) and mixed that in and served it cold. It was another hit. Just keep playing around and I'm sure you'll figure out more and more ways to use it. That's what I'm doing--because I know it's good for me:)
  13. Hi, Peg. I've been away for a few days, but I'm back to my dog walks again. Must get back to the bike rides.
  14. Excellent work, Peg! I did my dog walk and will do a bike ride later. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and I'm hoping she mentions something about the work I have done to lose weight.
  15. Is this the link you were looking for, Super? http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/threads/214180-If-fruits-really-are-free-on-new-program?highlight=free+fruit Post #9 is from Luanne, who is a WW leader, and she refers to the 5 fruit guide. Personally, my choices have been much better with Points+ (e.g. eat an apple instead of a snack bar), however, I've been stuck forever and forever. I came to the conclusion this week that I need to use the 5 fruit guideline, as I have definitely been grazing on it all day. I'll see what happens, and if I lose this week, then it may be the fruit that was causing me to stumble. (Of course, I know there could be other things, and without a long-term "study" of my eating habits, I cannot say it is definitive!) Having said all that, my response to the original thread starter is that if the old points program worked for you, and you have the materials, then go for it! There are people all over this board who are on the old Momentum program, or the Core (SiFi as they call it today), even programs I've never heard of. I just don't see anyone on the old, old, old program where you have to eat liver every day:bcb_grin
  16. I've been looking all over for these baby peppers lately, and cannot seem to find them anywhere. I wonder if they simply grew up:) I'll check out WalMart the next time I am there.
  17. Did a good bike ride late afternoon yesterday, then got up at 6:00 this morning and did my 50-minute walk with Misha. As soon as we hit the dyke, I let her off leash for a short run, but within seconds she had found a raccoon to chase. She chased it into the channel, the stood on the bank barking. I'm glad Misha doesn't like to swim, or it would have been dire. I'm all scratched up from scrambling down the bank through blackberry brambles to get her back onto her leash. Guess it's a lesson for me.
  18. For those who have trouble finding excuses to exercise, you might find something here:)
  19. Yesterday did finish well exercise-wise, with a solid bike ride. However, OP food-wise was not as good. I think DH and I are overdoing the "free" fruit. Started today with a 45-minute dog walk--Misha got me up at 5:50 a.m. and I couldn't disappoint her:) That sure is a beautiful time to go for a walk! I love the long shadows, the fresh sea-air, and the solitude of walking while most of the world around me is sleeping.
  20. Yes, Peg, good for both of us! I did both a walk and a bike ride yesterday, as well as spent five hours doing a final clean-up for summer in my portable. I was exhausted from that--lifting boxes, moving furniture. Today started well with a 45-minute brisk walk with Misha. Now to finish well!
  21. Did a stroll with DH down to the dog beach with Misha and Little Lulu, then a heart-pumping bike ride--actually worked up a sweat, and it takes a lot for me to sweat:) A good day!
  22. Did a 45-minute walk early this morning, as Misha got me up at 6:15 a.m. The fen is closed, so we just walked from home, and it was wonderful. Also got a bike ride in this afternoon with DH. BTW, Peg, what is an accelerometer?
  23. Got my dog walk in early this morning and food is planned for the day. So far, right on target.
  24. Hi, Karmen. Yes, there are plenty that are still on the Momentum plan, others who are on Points+, some on Core (or the newer term, Si-Fi). My recommendation would be to find a group that suits you and just start posting. It doesn't really matter which of WW programs you are using, as the basic premise with all of them is the same--eat less, exercise more, and realize it's a lifelong journey.
  25. Thanks for jerking the chains, Peggy. Sometimes we need that, don't we! I got up at 6:15 this morning to go for my dog walk and I'm just heading out now for a bike ride. Eating has been right on target.
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