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  1. Been doing report cards, and just surviving! But, I DID survive the year, and I got my dog walk in this morning. Activity has been abysmal lately, although I manged to get a few bike rides in during the week. There's no excuse now--I just have to finish organizing and cleaning up, then I can lock my portable up for the summer! You're doing good, Peg. Welcome, Esther! Yes, do join in--there have been many days when I didn't feel like moving but pushed myself, so I could report in that I had "advanced my cause."
  2. Beautiful picture, Peg. I haven't been online much as the school year is winding down, and I'm drowning. I did manage to get out for my dog walk this morning. Not much else good to report on the WW front, although eating was finally good today.
  3. I love your term, "Spartan" meals, Peg. I'm teaching Ancient History these days, so I'm going to grab on to that one! Yesterday and today I did my 50-minute dog walk and a 30-minute bike ride. Also cutting the grass yesterday gave me one extra point.
  4. Congratulations, Lillie:) My first challenge on WW was New Year's Eve which fell on the very first day of my WW's journey. I learned quickly that WW is fit for living life. You made a great start by getting through this holiday. Keep it up!
  5. Got my dog walk in yesterday (50 min.) plus a 30-minute bike ride; today, no long dog walk, but did about 30 minutes from home. Also did a 20-minute fast bike ride. I did a bit of yard work, but the effort was minimal, so I am not going to count that.
  6. The WW calculator I bought when Point+ came out was defective and I've never bothered to buy a new one. Now my DH wants to join with me and I'm guessing at his points. Is there someone who would be willing to check out the points he should be eating on their calculator? I've guessed 37, but it seems like a lot. Here are his stats: Wants to lose, he's 63 years old, he's 6' 2", currently weighing 210. Oh, and of course, he's male. Sure would be appreciated, but I'd understand if I don't get an answer:salut
  7. I have heard this a lot, too, Lily. However, it is usually introduced by "Unless something changes..." Earlier generations were active by default, but so many of today's young people spend their time in front of the TV or computer screen. I'm always shocked when I, a 60-year old woman, is able to do more physical activity than some of the middle school students I teach. Sad, but if things don't change, that saying may end up being true.
  8. Dog walk this morning--Misha came at 5:30 this morning to get me up, but I rolled over and grumbled something about "come back in half an hour." She did. How do dogs tell time like that?!
  9. My advice to you both would be to lurk around some of the "Advanced Training Groups" (used to be called buddy groups) and find one that suits you. Once you feel comfortable with a group, start posting and soon you will have a whole set of buddies. If you join one, then figure out later that you'd have more in common with another, don't hesitate to make a change. There are several groups here that would love to have you join. Again, though, the key is to get into the habit of posting--even if it's just a sentence or two to begin with. I find that visiting my buddy groups daily keeps me accountable to myself. During the times when I'm too busy to check in, I start to slip. Mostly, by checking in, I know that I haven't quit--and if you don't quit, you won't fail. That has kept me going during the past few months when I started struggling after a good weight loss.
  10. Misha got me up at 5:30 a.m. so I got my 50-minute dog walk in. Same thing yesterday but also got a 30-min. bike ride in. Have been battling a cold, so the week was hopeless.
  11. Great tip, Luanne. Thanks! I shall bookmark that page.
  12. My Food Companion for Points Plus only has the points for baking chocolate, not the points for an ounce of milk chocolate. I know the points for 1 oz. of chocolate on the Momentum plan was 3. I got the book when the plan came out and I know there have been many changes. Does anyone know the points for the new program?
  13. Did my dog walk and cycled today. Have a good week, everyone.
  14. Exercising is what I did for myself today--a dog walk and cycling. Mark, congratulations on your success! Keep it up:)
  15. Did my dog walk this morning--early. Now I've planned my eating for the weekend. I'm prepared! Sam, good job only going over by a few points when eating out. I find that eating out is always tough for me. The good thing is that DH and I have saved a ton of money by me putting the brakes on eating out:) Peg, isn't a pool workout wonderful?! All the exercise without the strain on the aging body parts:)
  16. All I can count is the walking back and forth from my portable to the photocopier, my supervision post, and the office. I think I'll try wearing a pedometer one day and see how many steps I do in a day. I'm sure tired when I get home--don't know if it's the walking or the constant pulling on the reigns to keep these tweenies in check.
  17. Right, Peg, but you deserve a much bigger Yey than me--you are SO consistent!
  18. Dog walk this morning--and spent time praying enroute. A great start to the day...now to finish it off strong and have a solid week.
  19. Did a dog walk this morning b/c Misha woke me up at 6:20 a.m. and I couldn't turn her down.
  20. I was not always big--mostly because growing up in the 50s kids played outside all the time. We didn't have fast food and T.V. was just coming in. In my teens I was a synchronized swimmer, so I stayed slim by sheer exercise. I did notice though, the first time I understood what it meant to be "big boned." I went to shake a bride's hand at a friends wedding, and for a moment I felt like I could crush the frail bones. I will never be "tiny." I got big in the later years, probably because of a metabolism slowing down but also I continued to eat the way I did when I was very active. Now, I'm determined that I want to be healthy into the olden years (no, I didn't leave the "g" off that word).
  21. Just noticed this post now that more threads are showing on the General Thread. Thanks, SuperBowl--worth reading.
  22. It sounds like you're being careful to listen to your body, Peg. Glad to hear you don't have foot pain on the bike. I finally got a dog walk in and am focussed on a good day. Last week was a disaster. This week MUST be better and I must NOT allow emotional eating.
  23. Did my dog walk this morning and am going for a bike ride in half an hour from now. Hope your foot gets better quickly, Peg.
  24. :headover:Congratulations, Mark! Sure feels good, doesn't it? Before you know it, you will be at your next goal.
  25. For what it's worth--when I click onto the Buddy Group I post on, about 50 threads pop up. When I click on the General Thread, only the day's threads show up. I know that one can "show more threads," but I'm wondering if having say a month's worth of threads (or even 2 weeks worth) would get more people posting on the general thread because there would be a variety of topics. Now, I must admit that this is the only board I have ever participated on and I know nothing, so maybe it's something I have to do to my own computer to have more threads show up:) A variety of topics might help. The board got pretty busy a year ago when the Points Plus program came in.
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