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  1. :wave:Welcome, Jason. I haven't been around as long as a lot of people, and I don't have thousands of posts, so I don't know what it was like "back then." Those who have been around talk about how busy it used to be, and I'd love to see it happen again.
  2. Good bike ride today--earned a couple of AP. Also, we ended up going out for lunch, and I forsake all my favourites and order an Asian Chicken salad with the dressing on the side. It was in the "Heart Healthy" part of the menu and had the NI posted, so if my calculations are correct, it was about 6 points. That was a victory for me, as eating out is my biggest obstacle.
  3. Dog walk and bike ride today. Ate well. Sorry to hear about your aching knee, Peg. Hope it gets better quickly--hills are tough on knees, that's for sure.
  4. Got up early for a dog walk, then went for a short bike ride in the afternoon.
  5. Did my fen walk with Misha. Planning to go for a short bike ride and hour from now.
  6. I completely agree with Peg--you're likely to be setting yourself up for disappointment by believing you'll lose 2 lbs. per week. If you are true to the program, you will probably have some weeks where you lose two pounds (and sometimes three), but it would be unusual to see that kind of a loss week after week. The upside is that the WW program, although you don't see dramatic results quickly, is a program that you can live with for life.
  7. Dog walk in this morning even though it was showery. Misha is REALLY happy, as the rabbits are out in full force. She "thinks" she's a hunter and gets lots of exercise chasing rabbits, but they're too quick for her and she'd never catch one. Good thing she has a bowl full of food at home and doesn't have to live the life of a coyote:bcb_grin.
  8. Genoa, 20 minutes is a great start--don't sell yourself short. You do that three days, and you'll have walked for an hour. Just keep consistent. It's the weekend, so I got my dog walk in early this morning with Misha. We also went to nose work classes today--it isn't a lot of exercise for me, but it keeps me away from snacking!
  9. Peg, gfy on the 2+ walk this morning. I got out for my dog walk (yea!), but it will be the last morning one for at least a week since I'm back at school tomorrow.
  10. I drove by two bakeries today without stopping. Misha got her dog walk early this morning, and DH and I went for a 20-minute bike ride.
  11. Genoa, your victory at eating out was indeed "one thing you did today to advance your cause." Congratulations! Being anal about your points is a GOOD thing--it's my sloppiness that has caused me to be stuck here for so long. I need a little bit of that anal-ity.
  12. I'm 8/9 days on my dog walks--got up early today so that I could get it done and still get to church:) Peg, yes, Nose Work is "sniffing." Misha is in her third set of lessons and absolutely loves going--she "gets in touch with her inner dog." We did vehicle searches yesterday. Glad to hear you're OP and "feeling great."
  13. It's Saturday and I was up early for my fen walk with Misha. That's 7/8 days now! I'm off in a few minutes to take her to her Nose Work classes, then I'll plan the rest of the day's eating. Have a good day, all.
  14. What a great WI, Peg. You deserved it, though, with all the hard work you've been doing. It doesn't come "free." I loved the phrase "ozoney air!" I've never thought of it that way, but have always felt exhilarated from a rain shower (or downpour). I got my dog walk in this morning, so that is 6/7 days in my break. Yesterday, I was just too tired to pull myself out of bed. I did get in a short 15-minute walk, which is better than not moving at all, but it certainly wasn't a workout!
  15. Five for five! It took a sheer act of the will, though, to pull myself out of bed rather than turn over and sleep an extra hour. Misha's happy, and I'm happy:) Have a good day Peg--I hope you're feeling better quickly.
  16. I'm four for four--did my fourth dog walk this morning on day four of my Spring Break. Sure feels good to be up and at it early--and Misha spends the day curled up sleeping rather than trying to get my attention by lifting my arms off my keyboard with her nose. I have my eating planned for the day.
  17. "The proof is in the pudding," they say (I have no idea where that saying came from). Peggy, you have lost OVER 100 POUNDS, and you did that eating your one slice of "core bread" every day. There's no arguing results like that!
  18. Did my walk again this morning--that's three in three days--a great start to the holiday. Peg, if you're ever up this way, I'll take you to my fen:) (Must clarify, it isn't really mine, but I'm often the only one walking there, so I pretend.)
  19. Peg, you hoofed quite a bit farther than I did today, but I did get my walk in nice and early. Saw a coyote across the fen, a seal, and myriad birds.
  20. I'll be 60 this year, too, and am for the first time finding that I'm exhausted at the end of a long day at work. Somehow I figured I'd always have the energy I had when I was younger. You asked about exercise and where to start. I believe the key is finding something that you enjoy, and that is accessible. Once you decide what fits your lifestyle, just get out and do it--but start out slowly so that you don't have an excuse to give up. I have found that walking works for me. I tried joining a gym, but it was too much of a hassle with my schedule, so I finally just started walking (I have dogs, so with my beefed up walking, they are happier than ever). The great thing about walking is that I can do it from home (although I also drive to some great walking trails nearby), I can do it whenever I have a bit of time, and it doesn't cost me anything. I do have a bicycle, so I cycle once we're out of the rainy season. And I happen to live within walking distance of the ocean, so I do some open-water swimming in the summer. Everything I do though, is at a moderate pace with just a little push, and it's all low impact. Another benefit of walking is that it clears the head and rejuvenates the soul. Personally, I choose not to have an I-Pod or such thing, as I love to listen to the birds and the sound of wind, but I know lots of people who find exercise much easier when listening to their favourite music. It is quiet these days on the boards, but there are several groups with people who post regularly. Even though there are not a LOT of people posting, there are many encouraging threads. Good luck on your come-back:)
  21. Yeh! It's the beginning of a two-week Spring Break for me and it got off to a great start with a 50-minute dog walk in the rain. I LOVE starting my day that way and am aiming to get a dog walk in every day during the holidays with the possible exception of when I am away visiting family (3 days). Peggy, refuse to let the "not nice" comment get you down. Some people can be so insensitive, ignorant, or just plain mean-spirited. You are one of the most diligent, focussed, hard-working BCBers that I know--an inspiration to so many of us and I'm sure others in your off-line world.
  22. Peggy, you fooled me with your new avatar--lovely picture! I was wondering who this new lady was who was checking in every day and sounding just like Peg... finally figured it out. Time for exercise tomorrow--none this week, but eating was good. One week until Spring Break, then I will have time every day:)
  23. I can finally report that I got my exercise in-- a full hour walking briskly with my dogs yesterday and this morning.
  24. It's the weekend, so I was able to get Misha and Little Lulu out for a 50-minute walk. Finally, a couple of AP.
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