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  1. I'll have to skip over to Hanna's blog. I've been avoiding avocados like the plague since starting WW, yet before WW I loved them. Thanks for the breakfast idea, Kris.
  2. Walked Misha for 50 minutes, and wandered along the causeway to the ferry terminal with my brother looking for driftwood pieces he could use. The dog walk was brisk, the driftwood ramble was less than a saunter, but was soul enriching. Peg, GFY upping your walk distance. You're a doctor's dream--a patient who takes responsibility for her own health and recovery.
  3. Walked Misha for 40 minutes (brisk walk) when I got home from work today. Wondered why I don't do that more often, as I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air and chance to clear my head even though it was dark out.
  4. Oh, Peggy, it is so good to hear you're doing well. I've been checking the other thread you post on to see how you're doing and was concerned when I read about your heart pounding. I assume they got that figured out. Good for you for getting out and doing that walk. Hills are hard at the best of times, so if you managed it today, then it looks like you really are on the mend. Yup, lots more "Yea, Peggy's" to come:) I got my dog walk in this morning. In fact, I left Little Lulu behind to cuddle with my DH, so with just Misha I was able to pick up the pace a bit and even did a bit of running. My eating last week was disastrous (and I didn't have a legitimate excuse, if such a thing exists), but I'm on track again now.
  5. I'll be thinking about you while you're off, Peg. Here's to everything going well, and renewed energy upon recovery! My weekend started off right with my 50-minute dog walk.
  6. I haven't read the book, but I saw a Dateline special on her. I was impressed by how articulate she was and how determined to have control of her life. She is really doing this for the right reasons--a healthy lifestyle. She has turned down a couple of movie offers because to play the role she would have to gain weight. That says a lot. The glossing over the murders could certainly be an effort to not to influence the trials. It could also be because the very nature of the crime could be sensationalized, and she didn't want to diminish the loss by giving any details. She seems so down-to-earth and normal--an inspiration to many, I'm sure.
  7. Dog walk again this morning. I have also tried out a few new recipes to add interest to the program: Tuna Divan, Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal, and Moussaka. I'm on target so far today and have planned to end the day within my daily points allowance.
  8. I'm trying to figure out the points on a recipe and I've hit a snag. The issue is with sugar and sugar substitutes (Splenda). My P+ Food Companion has 1 Tbsp. Sugar at 1 pt., but a cup is 22 pts. There are 16 Tbsp in a cup. I'm guessing the discrepancy is because the 1 pt. is actually 1.4 or something, therefore rounded down. Does anyone know if the 22 pts. per cup is actually correct? The second question on sugar substitute. The Splenda NI says 0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 protein, in fact 0 calories. The food guide gives sugar substitute 23 pts. for 1 cup (packed, although I don't know how one packs Splenda) and 1 pt. for 1 Tbsp, pack or unpacked. Does this sound correct? If those figures are correct--i.e. 22 pts. per cup of sugar and 23 pts. per cup of sugar substitute, is there any advantage at all to using the sugar substitute? It's more expensive, and it isn't "natural." Certainly the calories are hugely different (judging from the difference between regular pop and SF pop). I just don't want to keep going for the Sugar-Free options if there aren't specific health benefits to it over sugar. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
  9. Got out early for my dog walk. The first part of the walk was almost impossible, as the snow had melted then turned to ice. Once around the first bend, though, it was easier walking as there were no trees shading the dyke. I have an OP day planned.
  10. Hi, Peg. I'm glad to hear that a decision has finally been made regarding that pacemaker. You'll be right as rain in no time. You're like the Energizer Bunny without the pacemaker--just imagine what you'll be like once it's in and working! There will be no stopping you:) We had a snow day today, so I finally got out for my dog walk. It's been a tough week, and that's my first **real** exercise since last Saturday.
  11. I probably wouldn't be much help either. Like Peg, I try to cook up a big pot of something then split it out into smaller containers. I bought several of the cheap "Glad" one-cup plastic containers. After a while they get stained by things like chili, but they are cheap enough that one doesn't mind throwing them out when they get bad enough. I usually do chili, soup, cabbage casserole, etc. The other thing that works for me is having a selection of the WW "Smart Ones" or Lean Cuisine meals in the freezer. I watch for them to go on sale and often get them at a very reasonable price. They are not my first choice, but they work in a pinch. Good luck with your lunch challenges. I'm sure you'll figure it out.
  12. I am definitely NOT the pro, here, but I vaguely remember when I did run (ancient history, now) I felt like I had a natural "body rhythm" that I would settle into. That's certainly the case when I walk--my mind drifts away, and the fast pace I set for myself settles down to my body rhythm unless I notice it and force myself to pick up the pace again. Would it help to listen to faster music? I like CW's suggestion--sure to work.
  13. The weekend is here, so I was able to get my dog walk in early. It took me considerably longer, though, as we had snow and I had to watch my step carefully. I have planned my eating day.
  14. Right, Luanne... eggs are my go-to food when I want a low-point breakfast. I do what you do, scramble up one whole egg and an egg white (2 pts.). Then I slice up some FF ham (1 pt.), add 1/2 a banana or 1/2 and orange, and I have a 3-point breakfast that sticks with me until noon. On the weekends when I have more time, I make it into an omelet with chopped mushrooms, peppers, and onion in the center.
  15. How cool is that picture of your route, SuperBowl! I love what your Forerunner does... I was just researching the Garmin Forerunners yesterday, as a matter of fact. Congratulations on pushing yourself that much further... next thing you know, you'll be doing a 10K run.
  16. Went for my 50-minute dog walk this morning, then hopped on my bike and did a short 10-minute ride around the neighbourhood. It was a bit chilly. Funny thing, it's my arms that get tired when I ride my bike... I have a hybrid, so I'm sitting quite straight... not quite sure how work with the tired arms. Re: Lettuce... we were having a discussion about throwing food out on the WW@Home board, and here is what Nancy said works for her: There is NO reason, for lettuce EVER to wilt. This is what you do...... wash the lettuce, or core it, if it's iceburg, then wash it. Don't use a metal knife, as that turns the lettuce brown. so just bang the core end on the table. pull the core out. wash the lettuce - let it fill with water, turn it over and drain it for a while in a colander- then shake the excess water out. Then- here is the important part----put a sheet or 2 of paper towels in the bag with the lettuce and zip shut. The zip bags work better than a twist tie seal. If the paper towel gets wet and there is no condensation, it's perfect. If you get condensation, there is too much water in the bag so switch the paper towels for dryer ones. Lettuce will be crisp and perfect until you use it up. It will not wilt, it will not rot. It's all in the moisture control and you do that with a paper towel.
  17. Thanks for all the input on pedometers! Much appreciated. I did my fen dog walk this morning... sneaked in a few bits of running. My left knee is making funny grinding noises, so I'm not going to get serious about running until I can get it x-rayed and checked out.
  18. :bcb_wink3I second Trudie's comment-- you do look great, Jack! BTW, I visited your artwork... you're quite the artist... I love your style. Trudie, I will definitely keep you posted. This is where I will first share my dream, if I get the okay to pursue it:exercise2.
  19. Trudy, I'm assuming that the pedometer you have measures steps accurately when you're running, or you wouldn't like it. (The one I got for Christmas works okay for walking, but not for running.) Does it count every step (i.e. left, right, left, right = 4) or every second one (i.e. left, right = 1)?
  20. That's encouraging to know, Jack (i.e. that in the 60s age group, I wouldn't be competing against a whole field of women). That gives me more of an incentive to move ahead with the dream I have in my heart. I'm not telling anyone yet what that dream is, but I'll let my whole world know if I find out it is feasible and I might be able to make it. I need to get some x-rays of my knees done and chat with my doctor... I don't want to be foolish about this:)
  21. So glad to hear that the bike is working out for you, Peg. When you spend so much $$ for something, it hurts like heck if it doesn't live up to expectations. You're back on a roll! I got a 30 min. walk/run in with Misha when I got home from work today.
  22. What a great way to start the New Year, Jack. Wow! 400th race... what a milestone! To get in on the conversation of getting to our 80s (only 20 1/2 years until I'm there), my paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother both lived into their 80s and are role models for me. They are long gone, and like many young people, I didn't appreciate what I could learn from them when they were around. Here I am, entering into my 60th year, and I am finally starting to figure it out. They were both lean, and they were both active. They didn't run... few in that generation did, as they didn't see the purpose in it... but they pushed lawn mowers (not the power type), they planted massive gardens (with all the digging, hoeing, and bending that goes with gardening), they used hand saws, they walked everywhere (paternal grandparents never owned a car; my other Grandma didn't drive and Grandpa died early), they washed clothes by hand and hung them on a clothesline to dry, etc. My goal is to be as spry and fit as they were when they died (both at 86). Grandpa didn't retire, either, until he was 83. That generation has something to teach us. They were fit by default (just the way life was), but we can choose to be fit when we enter the winter of our lives... then the winter isn't so cold and bleak. I'm choosing now to do things like choose a parking spot at the far end of the parking lot. I'm also choosing to spend less time on my computer and more time with my running shoes on. If I wait until the autumn leaves start falling on my grey head, it will likely be too late to enjoy the winter years. You're an inspiration, Jack. I likely won't be able to brag about race #400, but you've spurred me on to trying my hand at running again. (I did a few 10K races about 35 years ago.) In fact, I think I'll go look at the 5K race schedules for upcoming local races. Have a wonderful year!
  23. Peg, it isn't a WW pedometer; it's one my step-daughter gave me for Christmas. I didn't think about the WW pedometer. Do you have one? Is it fairly accurate? I still like the idea of getting one, but I don't want to spend a lot of money to get something like a GPS. The WW's one is a good price... if it works, then I'm going to get one. Thanks for the idea. Got my dog walk in this morning. I'm a little sore from the running yesterday... I didn't do proper stretching and it was chilly outside, so I think the slight soreness is from that more that muscle soreness.
  24. I believe, too, Peg. Happy New Year to you, and thanks to you for starting this thread and keeping it going. Hi to the rest who have started posting here, too... your presence is appreciated... keep it up:) I went for a walk/run today. My new pedometer is accurate when I am walking, but not accurate at all when I start running. I count 25 double steps walking, then either 50 or 100 double steps running--the pedometer showed 25 walking steps as 50, but 50 (double) running steps as only 50 (and a few times even less). I guess I'm going to have to go simply by timing.
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