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  1. Good to see you finally have a bike again, Peg! Did my dog walking using my new pedometer and was happy to find my fen walks are just a handful of steps short of 6,000. No wonder I feel good when I've done it! We're keeping NYE simple tonight. My first day on WW was exactly two years ago today.
  2. I've been wondering how you were doing, Peg. Sorry to hear about the car accident... I hope you get well quickly, and I hope your bike arrives soon! Being on holidays, I have more time for exercise... I have done my 50-minute dog walk 6 days in a row... 11 more to go.
  3. That's a bummer, Super Bowl,... but you know how to kick up the resolve and kick those 3-pounds into the end zone!
  4. Me three... don't like that scale... I keep re-reading Why the Scale Lies to remind myself that up and down in a single day is normal. Got my dog walk in today.
  5. My dogs are happy and I am happy because I earned 3 AP this morning:)
  6. Got my 50-minute dog walk in early this morning; raked leaves for close to an hour. Good start to the weekend foodwise--scrambled egg (1 egg, 1 egg white), FF ham, 1/2 banana, 1 slice (small, dense, high fibre) toast with my homemade carrot-cake jam for breakfast, then raw veggies and LF dip for lunch. Off to take Misha to "nose" classes--teaching her to hunt and "get in touch with her inner dog."
  7. Too funny, I love it... good to see you posting, CW.
  8. Peg, that's the attitude... up and at it after a day off the wagon. My day wasn't good yesterday, either (cheesecake and other stuff), and I didn't have the excuse of Thanksgiving (I'm in Canada). Today is a new day, though, and I've done my dog walk and had a good breakfast (scrambled egg, 1/2 banana, 1 slice WW toast with a thin layer of carrot-cake jam). I am determined to drop a few pounds between now and Christmas. December 31 is my two-year anniversary for being on the WW program. I have never hit my goal, but I have managed to keep off the 50 pounds that I did lose. My body seems very happy at this weight, but I refuse to let go of my goal... I will keep working towards it, as even if it is too aggressive, because working towards it is keeping me honest and helps me from packing the pounds back on.
  9. I went for a 45-minute dog was in dark, stormy weather. I wouldn't have gone had I not committed myself to this challenge! Good job, everyone who went through with their plans
  10. Peg... glad to hear you're getting close to having the medication sorted out. 50-minute dog walk... stuck to the program for the whole week. DH is doing it with me, although I have to do all the tracking for him... sure nice to have him on board. We both lost close to 3# this week.
  11. Good job, Peggy. Is your health improving? I know you've had a bit of a scare. I got out for my 50-minute dog walk this morning, and my week's eating was about 90% OP. I feel like I'm on track, although perhaps not quite as focussed as I should be.
  12. Here is my commitment: I will leave work as early as possible and get my dogs out for a mid-week fen walk. If it's too dark, then I will take them on my route from home--both routes are approximately 4.5 km. Now, I just have to remember--we've already had our Thanksgiving up here. I'll put it into my day-timer, but that only works if I open it up and look at it:bcb_grin.
  13. The NEW Peggy sounds like she's got things figured out:) You're focussed and positive, Peg... keep it up. Finally managed to get a dog walk in. I made a big pot of WW veggie soup and a pot borscht this past week, so that helped me stay OP. That's what I am claiming as "what I have done to advance my cause."
  14. Did my dog walk this morning. Misha rolled in a dead, rotting fish, so I expended a few more calories giving her a bath when we got home. My car stinks!
  15. How scary for you, Peg. I hope the docs get things figured out quickly and that you do not need anything drastic. We can be very thankful, though, that we live in a time in history where so many things can be fixed effectively. Although I got soaked through, I managed to get the dogs out for their long walk this morning. I love the weekends when I have the time to do those walks... only managed to get one in during the week, and as it gets dark earlier and earlier, it will be more and more of a struggle.
  16. Good to see you fully on track, Peg. I'm struggling, but at least I mowed the lawn when I got home from work today. That counts for something more than the "nothing" I've managed on most work days for the past month.
  17. Got my dog walk in already this morning and have my eating planned for the day. Good to see you back, Peg. Sometimes we just need a few days "off."
  18. Where are you, Peg? Hope all is well. I got my dog walk in this morning... yea, me... that is 5 times in the past 7 days.
  19. That could be a guideline for ALL moments of temptation! I like it:)
  20. Third day in a row where I did a 50-minute dog walk after work. It was getting pretty dark towards the end of the walk, but we made it back to the car safely.
  21. Got a 50-minute dog walk in again today. Ate strictly OP and have points left for a treat tonight.
  22. I finally managed to get my dog walk in today, and I've been perfect on my eating today... had to be after three Thanksgiving dinners!
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