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  1. Thanks Kimberly and Heather. I really want to succeed this time. I posted on the 50plus group. A long message, but I really want to find a home on this forum. Good luck to you both on your weight loss.
  2. I am a returning WW member. I have never hit goal weight in the 8 years I have worked the WW plan. I have been able to drop up to 30 lbs and keep it off for a year or less. I usually work the WW plan for 6 - 9 months and when I get close to goal (20 lbs away) I give up, stop going to meetings and start eating like I have no problems with food. I want to make this my last time and hit goal and live the life change that WWer members have been known to do. I need this forums help to do just that and I want to win this time around.
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