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  1. Hi Kelli! welcome to the boards!
  2. i am a big stress eater too. I realized though that the things i eat when i'm stressed tend to make me more stressed and then ...well, big circle right? So, when i realize i'm stress eating, i also try to take a break - get out for a walk, clean something (yeah, i know ) and i also try not to have trigger foods anywhere near me. its hard at work but I've pretty much trained myself that anything in the common areas have germs. At home, i just realized, stress eating salads, fruit, greek yogart is much healthier for me.
  3. Peg? don't you still work for WW?
  4. Jason, thank you so much!! You are doing amazing work for us and for this site!!
  5. Congratulations! I hang out in the 40's/50's thread but I have lurked in other threads and have seen your posts - glad to see you join the ranks of our moderators!
  6. Hi Joan!! Good nite!! :-)

  7. Nite, carol!



  8. Hello everyone. I've been a lurker for many years and have recently come back to posting. Usually I'm over in the fab 40's, 50's but I saw this and since I just rejoined WW online, I figured this is a good place for me too! I'm really thrilled with the new program. I love that we have more points. I always felt so restricted on 18-23 points. Anyway, yesterday was my first full OP day and it was great. Today so far so good as well!
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