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  1. love your idea of blogging weekly thoughts.

  2. Stopping by to say hello!

  3. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>hugs<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  4. Thanks for stopping by and reading my Halloween blog. I had a great week and made up for the sodium weight last week by losing 4.4 this week! I love the avatar of the dog ( Yes I am a sucker for a pretty dog lol)

  5. I read your post about Halloween and I can so relate with you. I think its awesome you can remind yourself of the progress you have made other than the scale too. Your doing great. Hang in there.

  6. I have my Wii Fit and I also have an elliptical. I switch between the two but I really love my Wii fit
  7. Thanks Lillie for the positive reply. We will be going to the NW subs of Chicago ( Naperville area ) when we do have to go. We are digging our heals in till the last moment for several logistical reasons combined with he fact that "I just don't wanna" lol We would love to get at least one more school year in FW but I am not holding my breath. Our future is at the mercy of his job atm. I do look forward to some Chicago shopping for a newer thinner me at least once or twice and having visited before I want to take my kids to the aquarium and Tower. So I am sure with positive thinking we will land on our feet and everything will happen as it is meant to. Maybe I should be looking at this in a different perspective - Think of the calories I can burn packing and lugging boxes lol
  8. Hi CW, I am glad to be here. WE love IN. We have only been here a year for DH's job but I really just love the spirit and comfort of Fort Wayne. I could easily live my whole life here and be happy BUT we will be in IL soon however due to DH's job. My one comfort is knowing WW is world wide and I will find comfort there even if I do not know anyone else... but for today I will not stress the small stuff ( and its all small stuff - well except for maybe my hips but they are certainly getting there lol) Here's to Happy Hoosiers!
  9. Hi Lillie, I love that Im not the only home body here. I will tease and tell people I am a hermit. DH and I really do like being at home. Its warm, its comfortable, I have everything I need right here. DH does like to eat out and that is something I have to work around and plan for when needed but I find ways to fit it in my points. For the most part we avoid what we laughingly call the "Pooblic" aka the general public. I realize that I can not completely avoid it but I do not know that I ever will be completely comfortable either.I go to school events with the kids, they are middle school age and I actually went to a football game, bleachers are not for bad backs, but I did it for them. I do not socialize a lot with the other Moms, tThe fact is I am very real. What you see is what you get and as I get older I am incapable of small talk or the general BS you usually find. My true friends and family know me and love me for the Snarky Wench that I am and I am always happy to yak their ears off with every oddball thought that pops in my head.
  10. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Kimberley, I know exactly how you feel, my online life is a huge part of my life and I have several friends whom I have not met face to face but have spoken to over team speak etc and have supported and been supported by through the years. Some of them I did meet face to face and we would get together a couple times a year for holiday parties. I also cook a lot from scratch including growing my own herbs which I dry and use in my foods. The herbs have helped me kick salt and I prefer well seasoned and spicy to salty any day of the week. I am happy to meet you all!
  11. Hello all! I started WW five weeks ago. My mother walked with me into my first meeting she is a lifetime member. My weigh ins are on Tuesdays and I love my meetings. They get me out of the house and it feels good to do something for me. I am 34 years old, married with 4 very busy children at home. I also have 2 Great Danes and a Russian Tortoise. I love my family and I love my animals, I am now learning to love myself again. I am an internet junky and a very shy stay at home mom. I quit smoking after a 4 1/2 year struggle on and off at during which I gained an enormous amount of weight. I am now stepping forward in the weight watchers world. I love to cook and am starting to integrate new recipes and new changes into old recipes that I love. I adore red meat, I like fruit, and I am learning to like some veggies. I am changing my eating habits and trying to get active again. My mother spoke often about BBB when she first started her journey and If Mama can dance.. I can too !!! She has been a real inspiration and now we are doing this together. I hope to get to know you all on my journey!
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