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  1. That's not exactly true Dee. Many people can function with migraines - though some are definitely much worse than others. I get migraines from the change in weather and from muscle tension - they are killer, but I can still function. I don't want to, but I can Imitrex used to work really well for me, but they were expensive and made me sleepy. I stopped taking them when I was pregnant and never asked for a refill. Lately I've been using Excedrin migraine and an ice pack combined with massage (on the neck, back or head) from hubby and just suffering through. I don't work outside the home so I'm able to hobble along using that method.
  2. Are you talking about the Fruities? I'm not sure if I spelled that right. Anyway, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think those are 2 points for the whole pack and not per piece.
  3. Assuming the woman is in good health, not pregnant and not taking medications then weekly gains would be rare I'd think. I know that if I'm not 100% dilligent - following the program EXACTLY as written - then I will either maintain or gain. I have a massive thyroid issue along with a few other problems that leave me ZERO wiggle room with this program. Maybe that woman is dealing with a health issue she doesn't know about - or maybe she's not following the program as well as she'd like to think.
  4. ITA with the advice you've been given. I don't know your situation, but if you cook for him he may lose some weight just by the simple changes you have or will be making in how you cook As someone who has been with my skinny husband for 20 years (married for 16) - I just wanted to say that this TOTALLY cracked me up. I can't stop chuckling
  5. The Black Team SW = 259 GW = 245 (-14) Weigh in day = Thursday BL Challenge 6/1/09 Week 01 (6/01 - 6/07): 256.6 (-2.4/2.4) Week 02 (6/08 - 6/14): 254.0 (-2.6/5.0) Week 03 (6/15 - 6/21): 254.0 (-0.0/5.0) Week 04 (6/22 - 6/28): 255.8 (+1.8/3.2) Week 05 (6/29 - 7/05): 253.4 (-2.4/5.6) *yippee!!!* Week 06 (7/06 - 7/12): 253.0 (-0.4/6.0) Week 07 (7/13 - 7/19): PASS 1 (It was actually a maintain but I forgot to post. Sorry!!) Week 08 (7/20 - 7/26): 250.8 (-2.2/8.2) Week 09 (7/27 - 8/02): 246.8 (-4.0/12.2) Week 10 (8/03 - 8/09):
  6. If I'm not too late...SW 259 - WI on Thursdays
  7. I see the signups ended at noon....if you are looking to even out the teams, I'd love to be included.
  8. Hey Jen! We are gonna' FINISH it this time around. I feeeeeel it :)

  9. Does your dr think that the weight gain is related to your cancer fight? I have Hashimoto's Disease (an autoimmune disorder which causes my body to attack the thyroid gland resulting in a switch between hypo and hyper-thyroidism) and have now had 3/4 of my thyroid removed. When I'm hypo (which I have been for most of the last 4 years) I can gain massive amounts weight just by looking at food. My sister has Grave's Disease and was hyper forever. She was "naturally" (and ridiculously) thin until one day she just suddenly started gaining weight. I think she was up about 20 pounds before the dr thought to check her thyroid. He assumed she'd by hypo from all the weight gain and was shocked to find out she was super-hyper. My friend's aunt gained a lot of weight when she was hyper too. I'm not telling you this to depress you, just to let you know that you wouldn't be the only hyper-patient in the world to actually gain weight. I don't have any real advice for you, but I can sympathize. As I alluded to above, I can do all the right things and not lose weight and will gain weight when the person next to me is eating too much. It sucks and really does leave you feeling helpless. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be after all you've goen through to lose and maintain over the last few years. I wish there was an easy fix, but I'm just wondering if you won't have to wait it out while your're dealing with the thyroid cancer.
  10. I doubled this and it's in the finishing stages on the stove right now. The taste tests have been superb. I can't wait to have a whole bowl full
  11. I made this today for the 2nd time. It's soooo good as is, but - I subbed bulgur for the rice and added a can of diced tomatoes with garlic, onion and green peppers. Yum! Next time I think I'll add some fresh, diced green peppers for color and flavor.
  12. I love it! I even had to call the family over to check out the new decs around BCB.
  13. Well get up here! We'll give you a boost :)

  14. Congrats on 55 pounds!!!!! You are doing awesome! So sorry to hear about your grandpa though - thank goodness he's doing better. I'm doing ok - still struggling to hit that crazy 10 pound mark. You just wouldn't believe the roller coaster I've been on in the last year. I made it as high as 7 and then stalled and then started to gain again. My thyroid meds have been changed numerous times, but I'm still "stuck". I'm trying to really amp up the exercise right now, but it's TOM week so I don't know if it's working yet. Not giving up though. Everyone else is doing OK. Some have struggled lately, but I think we're all getting back in gear now. I think it was a tough summer all over the board. You should stop by in your free time. You have lots and lots and lots of that, right? LOLOL

  15. I'm collecting friends today :) I don't quite get this whole profile thing, but figured it was time that I embraced it and got myself some friends LOL

  16. Maybe it's like a MySpace for weightloss :)

  17. Denise!!! Where ya been?!?!

  18. I don't have a clue...but I was just so sad not to have any friends :)

  19. So what do you think about this new profile thing? It's a little weird knowing who's been visiting your profile, isn't it? I think I liked not knowing LOL Anyway, I'm glad you are feeling better and have been checking in a little more regularly. (((HUGS)))

  20. Hi Aimee! We miss you at SAHM!!! How is everything going?

  21. I'm going to have to jump off the train until after 11/21. Things are obviously a little too chaotic around my house for me to keep up with the train right now. I'll be back though!
  22. OMG - I am sooooooo sorry!!! I thought my envie got mailed out on Friday, but just found it on my kitchen counter this afternoon!!! I will drop it off tonight and it'll go out in tomorrow's mail. Again, I am so very sorry for the delay!
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