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  1. #36 - The reason why you're not getting it done is an excuse.
  2. #35 - If you think you're "OK" and don't need to do something, try some hard labor and then you'll see how bad you need to improve your condition.
  3. #34 - If you're out of shape, and do nothing about it, what do you think will happen? It won't get better or even stay the same - it's only going to get worse. That's how it works, if you don't take some action to stop it.
  4. #33 - Don't ever eat when sitting in your car.
  5. #32 - If you're eating because you are bored, then get busy (so you won't be bored).
  6. #31 - Have an "anchor." Use it to keep you in a position of focus or as a way to pull yourself back on track.
  7. #30 - A little sunlight can do wonders for your mood. You don't want too much - skin cancer is very bad. But, if you go too long without feeling the sun's warmth, it's also not good for you.
  8. #29 - Find yourself a fitness idol/role model. That of that person each time you are about to mindlessly reach for food.
  9. #28 - It's hard to be regimented and absolute with respect to your relationship with food. It's also hard to go through life overweight. Pick a side.
  10. #27 - If you think "It's only one or two days, what's the big deal?" then be prepared to find out that the big deal is a gain of two to three pounds. (Yes, it can happen.)
  11. Thanks Trudie - BTW, I love the new profile picture! The journey is good so far. Still a long way to go!
  12. #26 - If you sense you are getting derailed with your weight management efforts, quickly get back on track as if your life depended on it - because it does.
  13. #25 - Whatever the holiday or noteworthy date, the goal of it is not "Gain two pounds in one day." Never stop thinking about what you are eating just because it's not a regular run of the mill square on the calendar.
  14. #23 - If you look up the definition of the word "comfort," there's nothing in there mentioning food.
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