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  1. If you are truly hungry you should eat. It could be that you are so used to overeating that you have trouble identifying true hunger. Drinking more fluids helps as sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger and it is never a bad idea to drink a zero point drink (water, herbal tea, other things). BUT if you are truly HUNGRY, then EAT something. On SFT this is easy as you can eat any power food for no points. You said you are doing the regular point counting plan though, so I'd recommend a power food for you too (counting points if it has any) as they are the most filling, point bargain foods. Another thing to consider is WHY you are hungry and if you are eating foods that are physically satisfying and not TRIGGERING hunger. Again, the more power foods you eat the more satisfied you will be. SO focusing on lean protein, whole grains, ff dairy, fruits, veggies will keep you feeling satisfied. Eating things like highly processed foods with simple carbs will make you hungrier!
  2. WW is much more than a food plan. The food plan is fabulous as is, the changes are all about supporting people and helping them make the permanent behavior changes they need to make to be successful, long term. Maybe that is the sort of thing you need, Mickee?
  3. bumping this up again! I love when I am reading a post and then realize it is MINE! I need to try that Wheatena in this again!!! Nice to know (from my own previous post) that that works!
  4. I just made this using Wheatena in place of 1 c of the COW and it is really excellent. Rose too high actually. I need to cut this recipe down so it doesn't rise too high. Not sure if I can reduce ingredients proportionally. Somehow it comes out best when I do a full recipe (but is just too big/sticks to the top of the bread machien) and sometimes doesn't rise well if I cut it in half, etc. but the Wheatena was a GREAT addition!
  5. There are very few changes for 2012. One change is that you can switch between SFT and point counting BY DAY now if you wish. I go back and forth between the two as I can sometimes lose sight of portions doing SFT alone.
  6. billy, sounds like you are doing great! Just be sure that cold cereal is a power food! Which one are you eating?
  7. I've added more (as much as a cup) but then it becomes more of a LOAF than QUICHE ;-)
  8. Well you could ADD more cornmeal if you want. I don't find that the cornmeal necessarily sinks. Maybe if you let it sit a while before baking.
  9. Hope you come back to see this! Versatile Quiche Recipe This is a great basic quiche recipe I adapted from one in American Whole Foods Cuisine. You can make lots of variations. The original recipe was half of this. I make this amount in a deep 13 x 9 pan. Halve it and you can make it in a 9 x 9 (I've never done it in a pie plate). The original recipe is called Mexican Quiche, hence the spices. Here's the basic quiche recipe: 4 c fat free milk 8 eggs 2 c fat free cheese 1/2 t salt (optional, depending on other ingredients used) 2 t chili powder 2 t cumin I add: 1/2 c cornmeal This kind of turns into polenta and sinks toward the bottom and is great! (4 points plus without cornmeal, 5 with cornmeal) Other possible additions include: spinach ham hot peppers nutmeg zucchini Obviously you could change the spices. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Pour into a pan sprayed with oil. Bake for 1 hour at 350. (Note: I have a "speedbake" convection-like setting on my oven. Your time may vary.) Without cornmeal and with real eggs, 4 POINTS PLUS per serving
  10. I am going to try this with my Ninja. Thanks for sharing Carol!
  11. Yum! NOT! They're all pretty surprising! I expected something about light breads! Fake fiber really bothers me!
  12. I think the new points plan is great for weight loss. If I really want to lose I should switch back to that. They picked the new power foods based on looking at categories of foods and picking the ones that were "healthiest" within their GROUP, filling and points bargains, that's how light breads, ff lunch meat and artificially sweetened yogurts made the cut. They are the "best" of their group. They make SFT more convenient and make it appeal to the kind of people for whom it was unappealing before. But I'm afraid they made it unappealing to those who loved it before. Really I bend the rules in a few places...with things that are more like the old plan. ANd I think you meant low energy density not high ;-)
  13. Hm, I tried to reply to this but I think my post went "poof"!? YES that is 49 WPAs (still called the same thing though I think it is technically Weekly Points Plus Allowance now) to be used for NON power foods if doing SFT. That is 7 per day if you divide them evenly. And you still have APs (or I guess APPs) now too to use for non power foods. I use mine for things like good chocolate, nuts, regular bread, low fat cheese. You can use them however you want! AND APs are different than before too. You get more of them too, based on what you do, compared to before...So of course you need to be figuring the food points right (when eating non power foods) if you are using the new numbers for WPPAs and APPs.
  14. Thanks Carol. Yes you get 49 weekly points now (point plus values that is). But of course points are figured differently, so you need to be using the new points plus values if you are doing the new plan with the new amount of points!
  15. The new plan isn't THAT different than original Core. There are no more once a day rules. Foods are either power foods or not. There are the "three additional categories" for foods that aren't power foods but are no count on SFT. There are a number of foods that are no longer power foods that were core or filling foods in the past and there are some new power foods. Personally, I don't like these changes. I think they messed with the fundamental idea/philosophy of the original core/sft plans. You are always free to follow the old plan if you want. The addition of light breads, artificially sweetened flavored ff yogurts, and ff lunch meats aren't necessary good things for me...along with the deletion of things like pork loin and ground turkey....
  16. Fiber one cereal is marked a power food in Find and Explore on the WW site. I can't say why. It just is. I find 93% lean ground beef many places. I believe Aldi sells it, BJ's, lots of grocery stores. Not sure why you can't find it. It seems pretty common (though pricey).
  17. Liberal


    They are power foods. You don't count points for them on Simply Filling. (You do count points for them on the regular point counting plan).
  18. The materials are confusing about this, but only fat free milk is a power food.
  19. Sunday for meetings and Monday for the website.
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