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  1. You also have 14 more weekly points to use some for your oatmeal.
  2. That is not a glitch. In the online or booklet plan information it says that all fruits and vegetables used in recipes are to be calculated with points. Think of it like this. If you purchase a frozen entree with meat, starch and vegetables all calories are counted in the complete nutritional information - vegetables are not free.
  3. Yes it is. Turkey often contains added skin and fat (yuck)!
  4. You can do it with online and it certainly is that difficult to understand. You don't even know the plan so you are making a unjust judgment. In my opinion, WW has done a great thing to make it harder to get the information (that I pay for) for free. I'm tired of those trolling for free information.
  5. I've been going to meetings since 1971, made lifetime a few years later, and still attend and stay for the meeting. I'm comfortable with the group. The leader will sometimes ask for lifetime members to hold up their hands and then ask for tips for the group. I don't pay attention to the other people and I doubt they do me.
  6. You put in the full amount of fiber. I read the WW patent and fiber is given a smaller value in the computation now.
  7. The Canadian plan will be rolled out the first week of December (starting December 5).
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