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  1. I am guilty of the same thing lately...few raisins here and there, a handful of healthy cereal, even a plum. The problem is I'm not really hungry when I'm doing it. It just started, grew bigger and developped into a habit. I have to "unlearn" it ! I plan to avoid unplanned eating tomorrow, and I will report the result. Elizabeth
  2. Mine way of eating didnt change much, but is was not too bad before. I used to eat two fruits a day, and I try to keep it the same in P+ situation. What scares me a little is that most people now have 29 points daily. I was at 18 before, and 29 seems a lot. I may be "overthinking" the program, and as a result, I kind of move from the old one to the new one and back, which is probably the worst thing one can do.
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    I see in the book that 1 cup of oatmeal is 4 PP. When I create a recipe in e-tools (1/3 cup dry oatmeal in 1 cup of water) it calculates it as 2 PP. Which one is right?
  4. I am a lifetime member since 1995. I have maintained for several years, but life (serious health problems ) got in the way and I gained 50% of what I lost. I have been one of the people that were looked at asking "why is she here?", and I'm now back trying to lose 20 pounds. I know it is the same struggle for thin-looking and heavy. We are all weight watchers and we have to be careful with food, no matter how much we weight at the moment. I am hopeful about the new program, it feels like a new beginning.
  5. That's what I'm feeling. There were things in the program, that I didn't like, like the discrimination against the good fats (nuts, avocados). I have no idea if it will change, but I am hopeful.
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