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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to know how many activity points I get for a 60 minute personal training session. I have the online tools but due to the different exercises that are being done I am not sure what to put it under. Thanks for your help.
  2. Sorry Luanne for the confusion. I am making a meal for one sandwich and trying to add that meal as a whole twice in the same period, and it is not allowing me. If I am understanding you correctly if I am going to make 2 sandwiches then I create one meal that contains the 2 sandwiches, however the problem here is that during another time if I had one I can not add half a serving (or I am doing it incorrectly). That is why I started using the recipe builder's sandwich option. Thanks for all your help and sorry for the confusion.
  3. Hi Luanne When I try to add a meal twice during one period (morning,midday,or evening) it does not allow me to do it. So if I have a sandwich as a meal and have 2 in the morning I have to add one in the morning and the other in the evening.
  4. Hi Bluhonie I am in the same boat as you. I lost a considerable amount of weight on weightwatchers years ago and gained all of it back and then some. Now I am back at it and take it step by step like I did before. We did it once we can do it again.
  5. Thanks Luanne for your answer. I used to use it too previously but found out that you can only track the meal once during a day. I now use the recipe builder for that reason alone. Thanks once again.
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if any one uses the save as meal functionality in etools online and what do you use it for? Thanks
  7. Thanks for all your responses. I decided to give the new plan another try. Let's see what happens at the end of this week.
  8. Thanks momofrachel for your reply. I do not have the old materials. I will have to see if they are being sold on ebay.
  9. Hello Sorry for the long post but I am at a point where I need some feedback. I joined weightwatchers back when the momentum plan was being used. I lost 82 pounds and reached lifetime. I then fell off the wagon and gained half of it back. I decided to rejoin with the new points plus program but I did not get the same results as before. I kept loosing and gaining week after week, which caused me to leave again. I am at a point now where I gained all of it back and then some and need to loose some weight. I am afraid that if I start again with the points plus that I will have the same results and will cause me to leave again. Did anyone have this problem before? What do you recommend I do. Thanks for reading my post,
  10. Thanks Shellybean920. What you proposed is exactly what I need, I will wait for your post to see what the ww board says. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hello everyone, I usually precook my ground meat with onions and some oil. I then use this filling when I am ready to cook other casseroles. I was thinking of adding this meat filling as a recipe and then add it as an ingredient when building my recipe, but etools only allows ingredients or food items to be added and not other recipes. I would like to get your suggestions on how I can add this filling as part of my recipe. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Luanne for your reply, this makes sense now. Like you mentioned I will try it one way and monitor my weight loss.
  13. Hi Shelly I found this article concerning the recipe builder which I think would help to clarify some questions: http://community.weightwatchers.ca/Blogs/ViewPost.aspx?threadID=1022069
  14. Thanks Shelly for your response. The part I do not understand is what do you mean the fruits and veggies are counted into it? Aren;t the fruits and veggies zero points on the new points plus plan? If they are given points in the recipe what is the reason for adding points to it?
  15. Hello everyone, I have one question concerning the e-tools. With regards to the recipe builder it is my understanding (and please correct me if I am wrong) that I enter the ingredients and quantities and the builder will calculate the points value for that recipe. My question is as follows: When the builder calculates the points does it show the points value per cup or half cup of the recipe, or does it show the points value for the whole thing. I guess to summarize do I have to enter in how many servings or does it calculate it on its own? Thanks.
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