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  1. Good luck on your journey!!! Come and join us in the Buddy System....we would be glad to have youl

  2. Strawberry, I am already in the group....it's Quixotic I want to join us

  3. No juices...I prefer the fruits...the fiber in a piece of fruit goes futher. I love beans and rice....so that is still on my list....and since most fruits and veggies are zero pts.....I can have the beans more than once a week.
  4. OMG....I have a can of pumpkin in the cabinet....will have to see how much a couple of spoons of rum is.....
  5. a 4 oz container of fiber one vanilla yogurt 1 pt. serving of cherrios 3 pts banana...1 pt mix the yogurt with the cereal and cut the banana up in it...........it is good and different I prefer old fashioned oat meal....not the instant.....and i put fresh cranberries, vanilla and splenda in it....makes a fantastic 4 pt. breakfast. Cinnamon fiber one cereal with sugar free apple pie filling ....heat the apples and put over the cereal...top with the fiber one vanilla yogurt..........oh yummmmmmmmmmmm
  6. If you are returning as a lifetime member there is no sign up fees....Year before last...I lost a job and became primary care givers to my elderly parents....after 3 months of staying in the icebox because I was so stressed out....I decided that I needed to do something for me. Not only was I dealing with issues with my parents, I was dealing with a difficult husband...I needed something that would not only take care of my body, but would give me a support group to fall back on....I scraped together the money each week. In past 18 months, I have lost around 28 pounds and have 28 more to go....at 60 years old my metabolism is shot...I also have joint issues...so a lot of walking causes problems....My meetings are a place that helps me past my problems....and I get to pay it back with helping others. The money you save by eating right will practically pay for you meetings....and it is even cheaper if you buy monthly or 3 month passes. Do this for yourself...do without a hair trim or manicure....or eating out....you are worth it.
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