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  1. I read all of the posts relating to the COW bread and it looked so good I just had to try it! Which I did today and it's as good as everyone says. . . however, I'm a Points + person and knew I couldn't enjoy this delicious recipe without the stats. There is a site, My Recipe Magic, that will provide the nutritional values for a recipe, including points and points +. I submitted the recipe (giving this site the credit) and here's the info I received today. Cream of Wheat bread Makes 12 servings 1 2/3 cups* water -- hand heat 2 teaspoons salt 4 cups Cream of Wheat (farina / semolina) 1 teaspoon sugar (POINTS negligible) 2 teaspoons yeast Put all ingredients inbreadmaker in order listed. Use Basic setting for bread, and Medium or Dark setting for crust. NutritionFacts Servings 12 Calories 217 Total Fat 0.77g Total Carbohydrate 44.7g Sugar 0.5 g Fiber 2.5 g Protein 6.3g Points 4 PointsPlus 5 No matter what plan one may follow, 217 calories for a slice of bread puts this out of my range. It was a wonderful experiment in making something I had never heard of before. Thanks to whoever developed this great recipe! J
  2. Teg, if you've used the black bean burgers before without them impeding your weight loss, go ahead and use 'em up! As for pork, if it is the "new white meat" kind, I'm counting it as SF, just like I would white breast of turkey or chicken. And I just read where the Swanson's Premium Chicken Breast in water is OK. Close enough!! J
  3. ladyj

    Almond Milk

    I've looked and looked and can't find info on almond milk as it relates to SF (calories per cup - 40; carbs 2.0g; fat 3.5g; fiber 1g; protein 1g; p+ 1). I'm new to SF (just starting today as a matter of fact) and would like to know if I have to count the p+ or not since I use this a lot. Thanks!!! J
  4. Renee, I hope the board picks up - I've been doing WW Points Plus for 17 lost lbs. now, but since I've been subscribed to Danica's Daily for awhile, I thought I'd try SF. Hopefully it's as easy as it sounds! I'll check in from time to time and see how you're doing. J [h=1][/h]
  5. Thanks for posting!! Great news re your hubby and his diabetis - awesome on the weight loss too! J
  6. I don't know if this thread is still active (last post appears to have been made Feb. 2011) but I thought I'd post and see. . . J
  7. Jodi, I hope you find the strength you need to succeed here at Health Discovery! Good Luck!! J
  8. Passed up Bloody Mary's when golfing with my buds - stuck with water! J
  9. Sara, welcome! I'm new here too, and like you, I've found a lot of WW info out there but still need support. I hope you find what you're looking for here at Health Discovery. I think you get out what you put in, so keep posting, tell your story, ask questions, and hopefully you, and I, will get that support! J
  10. Hi, Everyone! My name is Jeannette and I live with my l'il doggie, Dani, in Rio Rico, AZ. I'm a retired gaming secretary, having spent 42 years in Las Vegas with my husband, who, after 52 years of marriage, passed from small cell lung cancer this last May. I play golf, contract bridge, read, sew, and belong to Silver Sneakers. Oh, and living so close to the beautiful country of Mexico, I'm also constantly working on my Spanish. I have two wonderful women daughters, one lives in Dallas, and the other in Austin, TX. I have two wonderful men grandsons, one lives with his lady in Las Vegas and one with his wife in Phoenix. I have been a dieter all my life. Name it, I've done it. I seemed to be able to keep things going until, gasp!, menopause. Then it went to "you know where" in a hand-basket. Try as I may, I kept gaining. In 2004 I had my time with breast cancer, and by the time I was through with treatment and the steroids that are involved, I was at my maximum weight of 194 (at 5'2"). I joined WW about 15 years ago (fat/fiber time) and lost 3 lbs. in 6 weeks. My leader just couldn't believe I was following the plan, working out and not losing. . .well, guess what, I couldn't believe it either! Susanne Somers and Dr. Atkins became my constant companions. I worked and worked to lose weight. I joined LV Athletic club and worked out 4 times a week (I was younger then ) and while I would lose some weight, it wasn't enough to make it worth the effort. I loved the gym though, and continued trying. After retirement I lost 20 lbs. That was amazing - stress really does effect your weight! I was also through with my BC treatment and that helped. In 2007 I had knee replacement surgery. I lost another 20 lbs. WOW!! I was finally down to what I never wanted to get up to! When we moved to Rio Rico in 2008, I weighed less than I had in 15 or more years. But it didn't last. I got lazy, started thinking I could eat and drink at will and all would be well. . . sigh! When my husband was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer last June, the stress started to rise and so did the weight. When he passed this last May, I weighed in at 184 lbs. I had to take a hard look at myself - what do I want to do with the rest of my life? And, what do I have to do to achieve the goals that I set. I rejoined WW, this time online as the one meeting I attended was all sales pitch stuff. Realizing that, in my opinion, Sparkpeople was an easier site to get around in, I begin to track everything there. I found blogers who posed information and wonderful recipes using the Points + system, found web sites to factor points and exercise, found Heath Discovery and so many other good resources. I finally decided to discontinue WW online, but did continue tracking, and thus far I've lost 12 lbs. I'm really looking forward to enjoying all this site has to offer as I go forward in my goal to reach 125-130 lbs. I'm here to be a supporter, listener and, when necessary and wanted, a booty kicker! And I want to be supported, listened to and, when necessary, have my booty kicked!! !! J
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