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  1. So when you say its 4 for eight servings is that 4 points for each serving or 4 points for all 8???
  2. Dates are totally sweet... and oh so yummy. My best date advice is to avoid the crudy sub standard dates that are found at the grocery store and go for the real deal.... Madjool dates... big, yummy.... you can get them here
  3. By horrible I meant green...I like them to be pretty ripe as well.. when they get too ripe I am temped to make banana bread which is not a good points choice! I like the idea of freezing the yogurt....thanks
  4. Thanks for the ideas. The bananas this week were all horrible, so I'll have to try to find another store! Cheese is also a good choice!
  5. Hi On a normal weekday I have no time in the morning to sit and eat breakfast, I usually have to take something with me and eat at snack time (I teach first grade) or eat in the car. Does anyone have any good suggestions for things to have for breakfast that I can just grab and go?
  6. jamilah


    Thanks for the reply!
  7. jamilah


    Does anyone have the The New Weight Watchers New Complete Cook Book? Here it is on Amazon What about the one on the WW site? The Weight Watchers Points Plus Cookbook? Are either of them worth the price?
  8. Unfortunately, no. Are their training courses for that?
  9. Do you want someone in CT?
  10. What do you do for work from home? I so wish I could do that.
  11. I am a first grade teacher so I have this week off too... it will be a bit easier to keep on track when I'm back to work.
  12. Thanks, I just replied to your PM. I think I'm just starting with points for now... seems easy
  13. Ok, so I've started today... still not sure what i'm doing. Can someone help me understand what the power foods are?
  14. Funny thing.... I signed up and the site went down for maintenence!
  15. Thanks! So I just signed up online and I'm already confused!!! I guess I'll have to sit down tomorrow and really go through it all!
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