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  1. For the majority of it, it's easy to break down. But the sauce is the killer! I guess I could compare the sauce to maybe one of their dressings that are of the like?
  2. I am only a few days in so I know it comes with a learning curve. But this one really stumps me. Last night my husband and I hit a drive through (I know, I know!) but we were stuck in Friday traffic and were about an hour from home with two screaming children. I decided that I would use this as my opportunity to make good choices (or -- better choices). So we went to McDonalds and I figured I would tally in the points later. I knew their nutritional information was listed online. So I decided on the Santa Fe Chicken Wrap with Chargrilled Chicken. (I figured it had to be the lesser of the evils). So I get home and decide to plug in my points and low and behold -- its not even listed on their website! Do I chaulk it up as a bad night? How do I factor that in, point-wise? The vegetables and chicken I can pretty much gauge an idea -- but the sauce? Any insight would be appreciated! ETA: Sorry, I am not sure if this goes here (a question) or in FOOD OR POINT issues?
  3. Welcome! Good luck with your WW goals/journey!
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