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  1. I actually search out the treadmills with the fans overhead at my gym. It just makes it more comfortable for me and I can enjoy the workout alot more.
  2. Thank you Super Bowl - Will read it and maybe look into it.
  3. Can someone explain what a C25K is? Never heard of that before.
  4. Hey there Superbowl, So figured out how to calculate the new points (very easy) and have started the new program today. It seems like alot of points now (29) but after reading other people's posts, it seems to all balance out in the end. Pay dearer for carbs and alcohol... sigh.. oh well, focus, focus, focus Katrina! Hate apples - so your analogy will really work for me! lol I would rather starve than eat an apple. So if I would want to eat an apple ... I must REALLY be hungry. LOL
  5. Well I have been reading this thread and it seems as if the new program is working for you all. I seem to be stuck in the old school. I cannot seem to wrap my head around getting 29 points (instead of 24) and getting 49 extras unlike the 35 from before. I have to change my thinking I guess. I have been stubborn I guess, ... but maybe I should give it a try. That seems to be my number one struggle ... hunger ... and then I go over my 24 points. Perhaps with 29 and the extras weekly, I will be able to combat my overeating. It seems to work... I am on board. I have all the literature, but not the calculator. Can it be done without the calculator?
  6. Welcome Linda! You sound motivated and pumped. Keep up the great work! WW is great and so is this site. Looking forward to seeing you on some of the threads. Just hop in anytime.
  7. So it's January 28th and summer is fast approaching! I don't know about anyone else - but for me - I am tired of wearing pants in the summer! That's just MY issue. Not even thinking bathing suit. I hope others will jump on board with me and keep this thread active until at least JUNE 21 - Every day I would love to talk program and share our summer dreams.
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