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  1. I have many of Barbara's recipes from when I first started ww, years ago, when I saw a recipe from her I would try it out because I knew they would be good and I still use them to this day. Thank-you Barbara for all you hard work and good recipes. Brenda
  2. I noticed there is only 2 meetings in the town I live in. I started training to become a leader in a diff city and now I have moved, I'm over my goal weight, but would be interested in becoming a leader. Does anyone know if there is health insurance in being a leader? If there is I may be interested in making being a weight watchers leader my new career. Brenda
  3. Eating a good breakfast,with protein is a start to a good day. Drinking lots of water and having good healthy snacks that don't have empty calories helps.
  4. Has anyone found that artificial sweetners made them hungry? I have read information that this happens so I decided to try it and it is the case for me, I was drinking diet soda, using coffee syrups that had splenda in it, while following the program, I decided to drink regular soda when I wanted one and went to normal creamer and found I wasn't hungry during the day. I rarely drink soda now and only have coffee in the morning, have a hard time breaking free from coffee though. Just an observance on my part for me.
  5. I too used the point system years ago, it was a pain but it worked, made one very aware of portion sizes. Its amazing when one thinks what a serving size is and then when one measures it, it ends up being more then what you thought.
  6. This is one area I am really working on, limit the carbs and sugar. I don't have the bloat when I don't have sugar, the carbs is the hardest part,but I have half the portion size, I use brown rice and when we have a potato I only have half. I am actively looking for recipes that use vegetables and lean meat. We are hunters and have wild turkey, no fat on those buggers, venison which also is lean and a variety of fish in which I bake in the oven, big step for me, my husband liked it fried, but he to needs to watch what he eats, so baking it is.
  7. Why is it hard to stick to what you know is good for you. I have lost 35 pounds, kept it off for 12 years, life happens, weight creeps back up, but I have lost 12 pounds and getting close to where I was. I agree with all of you, these boards are encouraging, you get great recipes to help keep you on track. I have a few favorites I use over and over. This is a life time commitment, eating healthy.
  8. Thank-you so much. Did it say anything about legs and thigh? Brenda
  9. Does anyone know how many points wild turkey is, there is very little fat on them. Brenda
  10. I have made this many times for diff. people and everyone loves it. Brenda
  11. This reminds me of tater tot casserole, just a variety and worth a try for a change of pace.
  12. Brendaa Jean

    Tuna Salad

    I have tried this and I used English muffins toasted, delicious. Brenda
  13. Hi open road. Good thinking of returning to the forum boards and working around your injury. I had gotten to my goal weight then gained 15 pounds back, I want to nip it in the bud before the weight keeps going up. For some reason its harder this time around but with determination I can do this. Brenda
  14. Its good to see others trying to get back into the swing of things. Support always helps.
  15. Hi, My name is Brenda and I first joined ww's Sept.2001 I found this support forum using the I.D. adorable abby. I found much support along with wonderful recipes which to this day I still use. I remember the thrill as I lost weight and go in shape. I kept the weight off after reaching lifetime until about 4 years ago. I have gained 15 back, no excuses but as one ages and hits menopause and other things in ones life one tends to slowly regain. I posted in another area but upon further exploring saw this spot also. I have divorced, remarried and we both have gained weight. My husband last week took it upon himself to do something, which in turn has motivated me also. When I was doing ww's in the past I counted points, it worked for me along with going to mtgs. I have been throwing it around for my husband and I to go to mtg., part so he learns how to eat and I stay motivated. I am finding this time around it is harder, why I ask myself. Sometimes I feel I don't care, I want to enjoy life, but for me to do so I need to be healthy and I felt better when eating right. I am going to try and come to this forum and read others comments and hope to get on the right track. God bless. Brenda
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