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  1. Wow, Cheryl, so you're really coming out? How FUN! We may even have some decent weather in time for your visit. I checked the Raiders' site to see if there were any Raiders Stores in the Monterey/Carmel area, but the closest listed was in San Jose. I'm thinking those must be the "official" stores, though, because there is one near me that wasn't listed either. I'm sure Char will be able to find something closer. BTW, you are going to LOVE the Monterey area! Happy packing! Robin
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Terrific news, Cheryl, I'm thrilled for you! Tell ya what -- If you fly in to Oakland, I'll pick you up, take you to a Raider's store, and then DRIVE you the rest of the way to Charski's neck of the woods. Interested? PM me if you think it might be an option. My name isn't Norman, nor do I know anyone by that name. I do however know Dearborn (grew up in Southgate, and my mom and sis graduated from Madonna U.), so that should give you an idea about my psycho status! Seriously, though, you might think about it... Congrats again. It's a great achievement! Robin
  3. Probably not, though someone might throw it away mistaking it for a science project gone bad! LOL!
  4. Another convert! I made my first batch (subbing bulghur for rice) 2 weeks ago, and DH and I devoured it in just a few days. I made it again last week for our small Bible study group (they're an adventurous lot!), and we barely had any leftovers to bring home. We're going to try the TVP version tonight (TVP and bulghur are reconstituting at this very moment). This dish has become a staple in our menu and a really convenient item to grab when we're in a rush but need something that will hold us for a while. It's really good stuffed into a tomato, as well as with the pitas, tortillas, chips, etc. that others have suggested. Many thanks for posting the recipe (and for all of the humorous comments that followed!).
  5. I have made this three times over the last week, and each time I tried a different fruit: first apple, the blueberries, then fresh pear. Each was quite yummy, and DH (who is not OP) and I have been really pleased with how long this breakfast stays with us. Also, I knew one morning would be particularly hectic, so I made the pancake the night before, placed it in the fridge in a gallon ziplock bag, and simply warmed it in the microwave oven for a very quick breakfast the following morning. It turned out great! I think I'll have to try the cheese & veggie sausage variety next.
  6. You're all right -- it DOES sound gross, and I can't wait to try it! Looks like a grocery trip tomorrow... Now where would I find that chocolate pumpkin oatmeal you mentioned? Time to see if I can figure out how to search, I think!
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