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  1. Thanks for your reply, Super Bowl! I really do wonder, though, about the implied insistence to stay in a very narrow 4 pound range: 2 pounds above or below your Goal Weight. I mean, seriously, what harm can there be if you are 5 or 10 pounds below your GW? Besides, a hormonal woman's weight can easily flux up and down by 5 pounds. I interpret this dictum to remain in this restricted weight range to be a way for WW to extract more bucks from its members .... I've decided that in the future, I'll just slip a 5 pound lead scuba weight in my pocket during weigh-in. Anibas~~
  2. Luanne, I don't know if my WW site is a franchise location or not. And I didn't know a franchise location can make up its own rules. Also, thanks for pointing out pages 145 & 148 of the little gold Pocket Guide where this very point is mentioned. Like I said, over the past 5 1/2 years, I've often weighed in more than 2 pounds under GW and no WW person ever challenged me. Thanks so very much for your help and feedback, Luanne. I really value & appreciate it. Anibas
  3. I joined Weight Watchers in Jan. 2006, became a Lifer in April of 2006 and since then I have not missed a single monthly weigh-in. I weighed in last nite for August, 2011 and I was 5 pounds under my goal weight. The Weight Watchers leader told me that she would let me off this time and she wouldn’t require me to pay since I was more than 2 pounds under my goal weight. Well, I was completely flummoxed to learn that, according to this lady, Weight Watchers charges Lifers who are more than 2 pounds under goal weight as well as more than 2 pounds over goal weight. She told me I had to stay within a 4 pound range: 2 pounds above or below goal weight I explained to her that over the past 5 ½ years I’ve weighed in many times well below my goal weight and no Weight Watchers leader ever told me I would be charged for that. After all this time, this came as a shock to me. Have any of you ever heard this before??? Thanks! Anibas
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