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  1. Kel, I used my flex points to eat out on Valentines day at a chinese restaurant where i had sesame chicken, hotandsour soup, and fried rice..then we also had the champagne. So I dont know how i gained 2 pounds that week...i used the flexpoints all at once for that night. I have never used flexpoints before.
  2. thanks for the info and support. However for the first time i used flexpoints and wound up gaining 3 pounds! I'm so upset!
  3. anyone know how many points in champagne. My husband and I had a bottle last night...two glasses each. I feel guilty now Points help would be appreciated! thanks
  4. I did it on my own from home too. Lost 25 pounds ...and then quit and gained it back So I am back on program now and doing good again. You can do it!!
  5. Any idea how much a baked potato would be...or for that matter -one that was sliced and baked in the oven?? I guess i was thinking a potato was a veggie and would be free for points if it was just peeled and baked. However i am thinking i might be wrong on that??? Thanks
  6. Hi, I like to wrap a ballpark ffree frank with pilsubury reduced fat cresent roll and bake in the oven. Makes a great pig n a blanket for only 4.25 points a piece!! So good
  7. Anyone have a rough idea on how much chinese food would be?? I had hot and sour cup of soup. Some fried rice and some sesame chicken which i think is breaded and fried. I know naughty huh?? I had about 30 points to use but i have no way of knowing how much they are worth. Help please!!! PS hubby had sweetnsour chicken...any ideas on his? THANKS!!!!
  8. Hi all, I lost 3 pounds this week after not losing any last week(TOM). ANyway I that brought me to a 20 pound loss total which is my 10 percent!! Yay! finally. Being persistent does pay off. I just have to remember - if you make a mistake just start again right away...dont use it as an excuse to overeat all week...just pick yourself up and start again.
  9. Sorry guys i havnt tried the italian glop idea yet...I still have some regular glop frozen in the freezer..got to eat that first LOL! Let me know if any of you try it.
  10. Hi I am giving the glop recipe a try tonight for the first time. I got to thinking that another idea would be to substitute the salsa for spaghetti sauce...and have "Italian" glop.??? That way you can have a Mexican glop night and an Itailian glop night! Anyone tried this idea yet. I think it would be good..maybe kinda taste like lasagna only without the noodles????
  11. Hi all, just wanted to post that today was my weigh day..and i made it to my first little goal- I have made my first 10 pound weight loss goal!! Yea! starting weight-194 I have been losing a pound a week.(average)
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