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  1. Hey BCBers.... I'm no newbie to the BCB community or WW... but it's been a good chunk of years since I've been here. I used to post under the name CaliDani, but since I no longer live in Cali the name didn't seem fitting anymore. My first WW experience was in 2003 (my senior year of high school) where I went from 197 down to 150. I have since lived quite a bit of life (lots of ups and downs), but my weight consistently went up. My highest weight when I recommitted a month ago was 230 (OMG!). I finally decided that enough was enough and here I am, feeling more confident and motivated than I ever have. I've tried to lose the weight a dozen times since that first success in 2003. Every time I'd give up after a week or so because the temptations were just too much. I never really wanted it enough for myself, I guess. Now I'm divorced, single, and completely on my own for the first time in my adult life and I finally decided that enough was enough... I'm doing this for me. It's amazing the difference I feel from the previous times. I can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is it. It's not about the weight, it's about being healthy. It's about making good choices (and calculated "not so good" choices when treating myself). I just started week 5, I'm 8 lbs down, and I've proven to myself numerous times over the past month that I can handle anything life has to throw at me. I've gone out to dinner 3 different times at 3 different restaurants, and successfully stayed OP. I just got back from a 3 day weekend vacation to visit family down south (usually the kiss of death for me), and successfully navigated my way through my aunt's incredibly yummy but point-laden food. (I calculated the points for her famous chocolate cake... and I kid you not, the total for the cake was going to be around 350 points! I stopped even calculating though after only 6 ingredients already equalled over 200!... needless to say I didn't touch the cake.) I've had surprise pizza-dinners sprung on me, and had been smart about my weekly points so that I could easily enjoy a slice or two... I've had countless birthdays at work where I've avoided cake... I can go on and on. I'm just feeling incredibly proud of myself. Even before when I lost almost 50 pounds, I still had my days where I'd "mess up" and go off plan... it feels really really good to know that after 4 weeks I haven't ever gone over my points! Even on nights like tonight where it's TOM and I've had more yogurt raisins than I probably should have... I'm still within my points, and still have plenty of extra weekly points. So, I feel bad that I lost a mini battle.. but I'm confident that I'm still winning the war. I wasn't even sure that this forum still existed, but I'm so glad to find that it does... I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and making plenty of new ones... and just gaining that added support system that I've been missing! I'm looking toward the future and I'm finally loving what I see!!! Dani SW: 230 lbs (3/13/11) CW: 221.4 lbs (4/11/11) GW: 145 lbs
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