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  1. I did not know they had a new program. I am still working off the info I had years ago when they started the points program. Autumn, that is so funny. We are the same weight and height with the same goal. If you want to email me we can work together on this. It's always nice to meet people who are in the exact same boat... lol!
  2. Good morning, My name is Sarah and I am on my 2nd WW try. About 4 years ago I was guiding myself through WW. I lost about 30 lbs and then a bunch of 'excuses' got in the way and I gained it all back. I am 208 lbs currently and my goal weight is 160. I am now ready mentally and physically to start again and this time no excuse will get in my way. I don't have the $ to start WW meetings or the official online program so I will once again guide myself through but I hope with this site I will be able to gain support and inspiration to keep going when times get trying. Thank you, Sarah
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