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  1. I came looking for the 0 point soup!!! and boy did I find it LOL!!
  2. Thank you So much!!! I am going to make this tomorrow!!
  3. I was hoping to find a recipie for chcken spaghetti ... Has anyone got that??I am craving chicken spaghetti and was hoping to find it here..
  4. WoW That Grill recipie sounds Yummy,My DH normally does all the grilling... We normally try to cook up our deer pretty fast and I love having fresh recipies to try.. We also butcher a calf once a year and I dont cook much with the beef,steaks,steaks,steaks,Thats what is in my freezer...I like ground beef better easier to cook with but I am willing to try ANYTHING new with steak....
  5. WOW!!! I came here this afternoon looking for something to make out of beef and boy did I find it .. Thanks for the post ,We butcher a calf every year and this will give me something to look forward to doing with some of it..
  6. Oh yes that sounds good , Please post it or just tell me how to do it, My DH is going on a fishing trip next weekend for Bass and bluegill,so I will try this on the fresh fillets. It is quite cold here today,its not snowing but we have had some ice, which is very unusual,we normally are headed for spring this time of year,but we always wait until the later part of Feb.or the first week of March to get our garden in because there is always a chance of a freeze. I am so ready for Spring, ready to plant my petunias and start my daily walks again.. Thanks,KA
  7. When you say "panfish" do you mean "perch" That is what we call panfish here.They are a very small fish right,if it is the same I think those are the most tastiest of fresh-water fish. We camp and fish all spring,summer,and fall.My DH fishes in the winter but I dont care much for the cold. I would love to exchange some recipies with you.I have fried,baked,waved,and grilled fish in every way I can think of, maybe you can give me some fresh ideas of how to cook it. My DH is the most creative when it comes to new recipies but we have about ran out...
  8. I normally do not cook with beef,my DH is a big hunter and we usually eat Venison Venison is a very lean meat and has almost no fat The roasts are particularly very lean and if not cooked right will be very tough.I learned how to cook the roast without making it fatty.I have also cooked a beef roast the same way.They both turned out just wonderful. All you do is: Place your roast in a glass dish that has a lid. Using Mrs.Dash (red top)sprinkle on top of roast. until pretty much covered. (about 2 Tbl.) Pour 2 cans 98%FF Cream of Mushroom over the top.Cover with lid and roast in oven 200degree for about 5 hrs. About 4 points for 2" slice of roast
  9. My DH is a great outdoors man He hunts and fishes all year 'round we always have a freezer full of fish and I have had to come up with lots of ways to cook it. Here is one that is FF and tastes delicious... 12 to15 fish fillets about the size of your hand 2 pkgs FF crackers (we use cheese flavored) 2cup skim milk 2Tbl seasoned salt 2tbl parsley 2Tbl pepper 2Tbl garlic powder Soak fillets in milk for about 2 hrs.Drain fillets and cover again with skim milk.let sit in fridge while you: pre-heat oven to 400 degrees, Put crackers in the blender and blend until like fine crumbs,pour into a large bowl, mix in other ingredients ,mix in well. Dip fillets into crumb mixture coating well and place onto a large cookie sheet,bake for about 9 min.or until flakes white. If your cookie sheeet is not a non-stick you will need to spray the sheet with Pam or another spray to avoid sticking.The high heat temp. should cause it to avoid sticking, depending on your oven but to be on the safe side spray the pan. Each fillet is 3 points
  10. Yummmm this sounds DELICIOSO I am going to try this in the morning..
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