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  1. I only lost one pound this week. But it's a loss, not a gain! 6/3 368 6/10 366 6/17 364 6/24 362 7/1 361
  2. I'm feeling disappointed and down and just unmotivated to exercise or eat on plan. I'm eating Smart Ones as my main meals but I've quit caring whether or not I track with the tracker. I think I'm just stressed over my dog not wanting to eat his food. I'm very close with my dog and he's being stubborn about eating anything healthy for him. All he wants are treats. I'm really upset about it. I guess I just need some time away, or a long drive or something. Something to get my mind off of the stress. I don't handle stress very well. I have a mental illness that flares up when I'm stressed. I think that's why I'm depressed right now. Plus my psychiatrist has not called me back about my insomnia issue. So I'm up all hours of the night and sleep all day on and off. I'm just not doing well mentally. I think I need a break but what can I do to relax and get away from it all?? I don't have the money to stay in a hotel. I feel stuck.
  3. I'm in. My weigh in day is Friday. 6/3 368 6/10 366 6/17 364 6/24 362
  4. Not much motivates me to exercise but I've learned that if I just get up and do it instead of thinking about doing it beforehand makes me more likely to do it. I listen to music while I exercise and that helps me finish what I set out to do, even if it is only 10 minutes on the recumbent bike, which is all I can do without hurting myself due to my weight.
  5. I get popping and clicking in both my knees. I'm 27 and rarely exercise. I guess it's torn/worn down meniscus due to my weight and pressure of walking all those years on it. Should I see the doc or wait until i have lost my weight (200+ pounds) to see the doc?
  6. xdunlapx


    Well the good thing is I haven't developed a habit of eating pickles every day. It's only been about a week that I've been eating pickles out of the jar. So that's good. I haven't even had any yet today. I do only have 2 pickles left. So I figure I'll snack on them later if I really want them. Yes I need to get this weight off, and that's my first priority. That's even a higher priority than my diabetes right now. My diabetes was caught early and it's not that bad yet.. So losing weight is my top priority, not counting carbs. Not that this has anything to do with pickles. lol I need to stop weighing myself daily and try to stick to once a week. I chose fridays to be my weigh-in day. So I hope I can start losing weight since I'm trying to stay on plan. Am I supposed to eat all of my points in a day? I know I lose them if I don't eat them but is it necessary that I eat till I reach my limit? I went one day with 7 points remaining. I just wasn't that hungry. But then again I have 54 points to eat in a day so I did eat a lot that day as it was.
  7. xdunlapx


    I just rediscovered my love for eating pickles. I know they are zero PP but due to the salt should I limit my intake? I usually eat 3 pickles twice a day. Oh so yummy.. Should I be eating far less per day? I don't want to gain weight.. Will the salt in them pack on the pounds? Anyone have experience with eating too many pickles?
  8. Thanks for the welcome. I'm excited to start this journey. So far so good, although I have been eating a little over my allotted daily points. But no more than maybe 5 per day, so it is being taken out of my weekly points. I do need to start eating at scheduled times, I think. I'm eating a lot midday and evenings. I tend not to eat much in the morning though. But my overeating has always been in the afternoon and evenings and into the night, but I do take a sleeping pill for insomnia so I am getting to sleep usually around midnight, so I'm not eating all hours. I can't believe how many points I get per day. It seems like an awful lot. But 2 pounds weight loss seems like a good start, so I'm hopeful. I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables than I used to. I never used to eat fruit, other than maybe one banana per week.. So that's helping fill me up if I'm hungry. Oranges, bananas and pickles. I just rediscovered my love for dill pickles. Yum. I am eating salad at least once a day, but I never measure the salad dressing. I think I should measure out the salad dressing and put it in a small cup and then dip the salad into it. That would probably keep me honest. LOL It's a learning experience though. So as I go along I'll be better able to assess how much I'm actually eating and how much I should be eating, portion-wise. I tend to exaggerate portions. But then again I'm used to eating a ton of food per day due to my overeating compulsion.
  9. Hi everybody. I am new here. I just joined the WW online program. I hope I can lose this weight. My highest weight was 373, I'm currently 365, started the program less than a week ago and was 368. I am a compulsive overeater, food addict. I've been working the Overeaters Anonymous steps and feel comfortable enough to start trying to lose weight. I hope to be an active member here. -Brittany
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