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  1. Thanks, Peggy ... I'm actually 56 ... I may pop in ...
  2. Hi ... My name is Pat, and I'm from Texas ... I also am a returning member of BCB, back after many years ... I'm finding all my friends have gone by the way-side in here and that the groups I've looked in on are already established and I feel out of place. I would like to check in here and make some new friends and a weekly weigh-in sounds good. I weighed in last Thursday and plan to go in again this Thursday ....
  3. I started experimenting with this after I tried that recipe for 'pancakes' made out of banana and egg ... weird, not pancake-y. Anyway, here's what I came up with. It makes I big Belgian waffle. The main base is: 1/4C Great Value Extra Fluffy Complete Pancake/Waffle Mix 1 Egg (if you use 1/4C egg substitute, it will knock the PP to 4) Cinnamon to taste Dash Salt Pack of Equal, Splenda, whatever you like Then you add 1/2C of mashed fruit/veggies .... I have used banana, applesauce, and canned pumpkin. You may have to add a spoonful of water, if you need to .... it just depends on how the mixture looks. I think my favorite combo is half applesauce and half pumpkin ... I've also thrown in a little crushed pineapple with this. I'm sure you can cook this as pancakes, but it is so easy to throw into the waffle maker ... lol. Use your imagination and enjoy !! Pat
  4. Hi, Lee ... My name is Pat ... I signed on for the WW online a couple months ago. I just couldn't get into it .... I am starting back to WW meetings on Monday and I know that ill help me ... Good luck on whichever you do ....
  5. Hi ... My name is Pat ... I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I am at a point now where I either lose weight or just sit down and stay there. I am having a lot of mobility issues and have had to quit working. I have no energy and get tired easily, plus the pain of moving around is also a problem. I have arthritis in both my feet and knees, as well as diabetic neuropathy. I know all these problems could be helped greatly by losing weight. I joined this site years ago and found great support and hope to do so again. Planning to go to a WW meeting on Monday morning and get going ... Thanks ....
  6. How are you doing ??

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