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  1. This is a very neat thread as it seems to be putting us newbies in the same boat. I came back to this site because of the support I get, and it gives me the incentive to keep on track. RocksAnne, welcome back and good luck with your new job. I think you will find that once back at work when you are not able to wear those comfy PJ pants and Tees where you got all that extra room, you will find that a big help. TreSevens, I believe a person should do the program that works for them. I actually just quit WW online because I found all I was really doing was recording my weight. I have all the tools to figure out my points, and use the WW food scale and track on a piece of paper. As for support this is the best site ever! Malandi87, you are so right. This is the place for help and support.
  2. So nice to read your post. I am so sorry about your husband, that must be so devastating. After you yourself, battling the dreaded Breast Cancer!!! I can see where you are putting your determination and inner strength that saw you through your other personal triumphs helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Keep up the excellent work and look forward to seeing you here.
  3. Hi. Welcome back - I like you, have used this board a long while ago, and it is great. I just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent weight loss. I would love to be posting a 47 pound loss!!!!! When I do get on program (which I have not been following very good), I do about a 1 pound a week, and that is just fine. Hope to hear more about your progress!
  4. I read with interest everyone's scale recommendations. I have a WW digital now and really liked it. I am unable to stand on the scale long enough to get a proper display. I have Muscular Dystrophy and have lost my sense of balance. I have gone online and there are scales with the larger platform etc. but are in the $500.00+ range. Any ideas out there??. I know that the scale is just a number etc. but it sure helps when you want to enter a challenge. lol
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