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  1. Welcome Erin! I too am new to this site, but a returning WW member! Have a great Sunday! We are hitting our favorite haunt to dance our feet off - it's Reggae Sunday! Lots of activity points to earn! Have a great day! Mary
  2. Thankyou! It has been a tough go this time around. But, I am exercising more than I ever have, and making much better food choices. I know this works, but patience is NOT one of my virtues! Hopefully this site will help me thru the tough roads. I have vowed to make one small change this week- increase my water intake. Lets see if I can't shake things up a bit! Have a great day!
  3. Good morning all! This looks like an interesting site, and just "what the doctor ordered". I am a returning WW lifetime member (lost 55 lbs 9 years ago, but over the course of time, have gained back 25.) So, I am back to the program, because it really is the only one that works! I have joined and quit 3 times over the past 2 years. I am down to losing the last 15 pounds, but it is just not coming off. I just about cried at the weigh in this morning- gained .2 despite following the program to a tee, and exercised every day! (Golf, dancing, walking, etc.) This is only week 3 for me, so I can't possibly be hitting a plateau already, can I?? Very frustrating to say the least, but I just won't give up! Any help out there? Mer55bcb_sad
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