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  1. Thank you, I am not getting the suspension message, I can view my profile, but I can't edit it.
  2. Thanks Fluff, I wore those pants to work on Thrsday, yay, I love success, going to wait until Feb 1 to try on the next pair. then it will be the battle for the next size, I can't wait, I have a whole wardrobe of new clothes I have never worn
  3. I joinedn 2011 but didn't post so my account was suspendedd. I had my password reset this month and now I can post. I am not able to edit my posts, view or edit my profile, and after 25 + posts I have no rank. When I log in I still get the message-Welcome Back New Member! You have not been active since you signed up on the forums more than 60 days ago. Your account has been suspended. Please contact the forum administrator to re-activate your account.
  4. I have made ME a priority, I have to be my healthiest best to be the best for family and friends.
  5. I have been on WW for a week, I can now get into a pair of pants i bought last month, that I couldn't wear. buying 2 pr of pants in the size I was currently wearing and not being able to get into either of them was the wake up call to stop the madness now. I can get the first pair on and do them up, still too snug to wear, so that is my hope for next week then on to the ones that i couldn't even get on. i am not tracking pounds because it discourages me, I am counting pants!!! 1 almost down!
  6. I had been on the fence about re-joining for quite a while, they even started up a group at work which begins in Feb. When I did the exchange program-Quick Start- in the late 80's I joined and went to meetings every week for the first month. Once I knew the program, I just weighed in and left. The leader was good but there was a group of women in their mid 50's who dominated the meeting. A friend who had been going off and on for years said those women were there 5 years ago and hadn't lost an ounce. they would weigh in and laugh about their gain or staying the same. One time one of them asked if we could have XXX, when the leader said it was allowed on program, she laughed and said 'good because I ate a whole box" it was that type of behavior each week. i rejoined 5 years ago and I recognized one of the group, I weighed in and left. this time I am not joining, partly because i am not weighing myself at all. I am only going by my clothes, this has taken all of the stress off me, and stopped the scale games. I have been POP since I started on Tuesday, so this Tuesday i try on the jeans that I cannot wear and see what progress I made in a week.
  7. I joined this group back in 2006, I loved the support, the ideas, and the kick in the **** when I needed it. My old log in was Goneastray, as I made lifetime back in the early 90's and have gone astray. I went through a lot of difficult personal issues including a divorce,and just could't come in here and post. I am back because this place is a lifeline that I so badly need. Ann
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